How to Pick a Lock with a Paperclip in 5 Easy Steps

by Vincent Foster

In this world of smart locks, most of us still believe in standard discus padlocks or the same types. But when you lose a key or forget it in your office, the only thing that can come to your aid is a paperclip!

Don’t be amazed; the paperclip lock unlocking from the movies actually works! And today, we will explain how to pick a lock with a paperclip without going to the locksmith!

Check it out and you will be amazed at how easy it is!

How To Pick A Lock With A Paperclip In 5 Easy Steps
How To Pick A Lock With A Paperclip In 5 Easy Steps

Step by Step Process of Lock Picking Using Paperclip

Locksmiths are the deals of the past now, you can open your lock with a paperclip without any help now! Follow the steps and never waste money on a locksmith!

Step 1: Craft the Tension Tool

The first step to learn how to pick a lock with a lock pick set is to design the tension tool or tension wrench. With this tool, you can easily apply a binding force. Along with this, it will work as a key! To the pins, a tension tool is capable of providing a binding force.

And with this force, you can easily lift the pins and then fit them between the housing of your lock and the core of the lock! In short, it keeps both of these parts away which results in disengaging the lock easily!

Apart from this, the tension wrench also helps in mimicking the key. It provides the leverage for rotating the lock and eventually disengaging it. But for that, you have to pick all the pins beforehand!

  • Now that you are ready for crafting the tension wrench, first, you have to straighten out the paperclip you have. In this case, first, hold the two ends and pull them apart. Slowly, the middle portion of the paperclip will start straightening
  • Once you are done with the center part. You have to work with the fat side. Here, you need to crimp this side. Get your hands on the larger end of the paperclip first. This part will fit inside the keyway and help you unlock the lock.
  • And to make it work, this larger part should be very small and tight at the same time. For this, you will surely require pliers and if you don’t have them, get something hard that will help you in crimping the paperclip.
  • And now you have already crimped the fat side of your paperclip. First, get your hands on the crimped ends and then measure your pinky finger width from the end of the crimped part. You will get a point here. This is where you have to create a 90-degree bend! Pliers are the best choice for such situations. Make sure that you are bending the clip sideways so that it fits inside the keyway properly.

Step 2: Craft the Paperclip Lock Pick

Picking Hotel Door Lock With Paperclip,  Paperclip Lock Pick
Picking Hotel Door Lock With Paperclip, Paperclip Lock Pick

When you are already searching for ways to pick a lock with a paperclip, you first need to learn about the lock picks. There are two different types’ picks.

One is the hook and the other one is the rake. If you are a newbie, you can settle for a lock pick set for beginners or you can simply choose rakes over hooks! Here, we will only deal with the rakes for describing how to pick a lock with a paperclip! 

  • Firstly, you have to go through the larger part of your paperclip and then you have to straighten this part out. Make sure you are making it as straight as possible.
  • When you are done with the first step, you have to hold the top of the paperclip and bend it downward. In short, you have to bend the end into the way rake. Get pliers to make the job perfect as for hands, this can be troublesome.
  • With the pliers, hold the tip first. Certify that you are holding as little as you can! Now, you have to hold it and bend it downward. Go for 90-degrees in this case. Keep in mind that, in this step, the smaller is surely the better!
  • It is time for you to complete the bend. Go through the pliers once again and you have to grip a little before the bend in the last step. But here, you have to go upward. The angle is the same 90-degrees but the only change is you have to take it upward and that’s all.

After you have done it, you have to do some more bends. Just like before, go a little before the previous bend and bend the paperclip. Altogether, you have to do four bends. And make sure, all of them should be in alternative directions.

Step 3: Tension Application

As you are ready with the wrench, you should make the right application! Now it is time to start picking. Check the paperclip tension wrench and search for the short end. You have to get it inside the bottom part of the keyway. Now, you have to apply pressure. In this situation, additional pressure can harm you.

So, start by applying a little amount of force to the wrench. Apply the force in the route that you usually turn your key. Imagine that you are holding a key and you are putting a sublet amount of force. Once you start applying little force, the pins will bind slowly. And finally, they will be ready to set!

Step 4: Rake, rake, and rake

As you are already forcing light tension, you have to get the paperclip lock pick and get it into the keyway. Make sure that the two different bumps face the pins! Slowly, start pushing the lock picks. You have to force it into the lock. Be slow and consistent.

After a while, you will see that the lock pick has hit the rear part of the keyway. Now, move to the lock pick once again and press it against the pins. You will slowly feel that they are lifting slightly. It is the time for scrubbing the pins! Are you ready? Go in a back and forth motion here! For about 10-15 seconds, you have to keep raking the lock.

Usually, the lock will open in this situation. In rare cases, if it doesn’t open, you have to take the pick out and then reset the pins. For this, take the tension tool and push it in an opposite direction. Listen for the pins dropping. If you need to rest, you have to go through the tension application method once again. And then, it’s all about raking back and forth!

Step 5: Go for Heavy Tension

After some period of raking the lock, you will see that the plug will rotate significantly. It will rotate in the way you are tensioning. And here, it is time to go for heavy tension. Don’t stop rotating the keyway, keep doing it. Finally, you will see the lock completely disengaging and all your efforts will be rewarded!

Wrap Up

The method we have mentioned for picking a lock with a paperclip is quite easy. We have described it in detail so that you do not miss a single point. Take a paperclip and practice the process, you will surely end up well!

You can also get yourself a lock picking set from the market and it will do the job for you! But it is interesting to do it yourself, isn’t it?

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