Best Drawer Safe for Home and Office Reviews – Updated 2023

by Vincent Foster

If you’re wondering how you can keep your precious things safe, then you are in the right place. Drawer safes offer safety and protection to your precious things like money, watches, guns, and whatnot.

Digital safes come with locks as well as a keypad where you can use a passcode, giving yourself access to your stuff while thieves and other people cannot see what’s inside, let alone touch them.

Safes, however, come in different types and makes. Although, it may be difficult for you to choose the best gun safe among various types of safes, here we have listed the best drawer safes that you can confidently rely on.

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Top 5 Best Drawer Safe for Home and Office Reviews 2023

How To Choose The Best Drawer Safe - Top 5 Best Drawer Safe For Home And Office
How To Choose The Best Drawer Safe - Top 5 Best Drawer Safe For Home And Office

Our list of the top 5 best drawer safe will help you find the perfect safe according to your need and specification. In case you need one, take a look at this to choose the best drawer slides.

1. Moutec Rapid Gun Storage Drawer Safe for AR Rifle Ammo Pistol

Highlighted Features

  • Deeper and wider space than similar drawer safes; it can accommodate a rifle, several guns, ammo, and more.
  • Sturdy construction and deadbolt keep your precious items safe from thieves and away from kids.
  • You can keep it under furniture, in a closet, or even in a vehicle. Moreover, it has a useful handle that allows you to carry it with your hand.
  • A built-in automatic LED light turns on when you enter the PIN code.
Moutec Rapid Gun Storage Drawer Safe For AR Rifle Ammo Pistol
Moutec Rapid Gun Storage Drawer Safe For AR Rifle Ammo Pistol

A small size gun safe can hardly accommodate a rifle and others stuff at the same time. Moutec gun safe, however, offer you a bigger space that allows you to keep several items at a time. 

Since it is crafted with 16 gauge steel, tamper-resistant and pry-proof, you can confidently rely on its robustness. Plus, the digital lock system makes it even easier for you to get access to your items in emergencies. Besides, the backup key system ensures that you can get access in case you forget the pin code.

Although it is larger than similar types of safes, you can still put it under your bed, furniture, or in a closet. The fun part is, you can attach it to your floor with screws attached to the safe.

The larger size, sturdy deadbolt, and useful handle make it the best gun safe for rifles and pistols. Buy it once, and keep your items safe forever.

2. Moutec Biometric Fingerprint Handgun Safe for Home and Vehicle

Highlighted Features

  • A biometric lock system gives you fast access to your valuables in a second.
  • It has a backlit keypad that allows you to locate your firearms in the darkness. 
  • You can set the silent mood so that you can get access to your firearm without making the intruder aware of your movements. 
  • The gun safe can accommodate 2 handguns or 1 handgun with several magazines. 
Moutec Biometric Fingerprint Handgun Safe For Home And Vehicle
Moutec Biometric Fingerprint Handgun Safe For Home And Vehicle

This is a durable handgun safe constructed with solid steel. Besides, the inner safety bracket prevents break-ins, and the powder coating protects the safe from corrosion.

However, the most interesting feature of this gun safe is its biometric quick access system. Although you can use a pin code, you may still want super fast access to your gun, especially when you’re going to deal with an intruder.

Moreover, This stunning safe can store 20 separate fingerprints and its finger-touch lifetime is more than 1 million times. Pry-resistant door and dual-layer steel housing make it even sturdier and the best fingerprint safe.

3. Amazon Basics Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe with Programmable Electronic Keypad

Highlighted Features 

  • It is a small size drawer safe; easy for carrying or keeping in a small place. 
  • The safe includes a programmable keypad for easy access, an emergency backup key, and a small handle. 
  • Pre-drilled holes allow you to mount the safe inside a drawer. 
  • 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant hinges make it even more robust. 
Amazon Basics Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe With Programmable Electronic Keypad
Amazon Basics Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe With Programmable Electronic Keypad

It is a small drawer safe where you can keep your valuable items such as a passport, watches, cards, etc. Like other safes, you can lock and get access to it by using a passcode as well as the backup keys. This attribute makes these safes one of the best safes for drawers.

A small size safe means you can put it almost anywhere. Moreover, it has pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount it in a drawer. Most people like it because of its size and ease of use. 

Moreover, you will have great comfort using this safe as it comes with a small handle and a smart keypad system. The manufacturer also provides an emergency backup key for any emergency issue.   

4. Paragon Lock and Safe Premium Drawer Safe

Highlighted Features 

  • You can mount the safe in a drawer, a closet, or a vehicle. 
  • Constructed with solid still that withstand any strike. Interior and exterior bodies are powder coated. 
  • The safe has a programmable electronic lock as well as manual locks. Both are easy to operate. 
  • The lock comes with an LED and buzzer
Paragon Lock And Safe Premium Drawer Safe
Paragon Lock And Safe Premium Drawer Safe

It is one of the most robust safes that are perfect for your home and office. Valuables like your pistol, cash, or passport would have a place where none has access except the owner. It opens when you enter the passcode. Besides, in emergencies, you can use analog keys.

Most people love it for its versatility and mobility as you can mount anywhere you want and take it anywhere you need. There are no questions about its sturdiness as it is constructed with still and uses a powder coating inside and outside.

Use it once, and you’ll love it forever. 

5. INVIE Drawer Safe with Key Electronic Digital Safe Box

Highlighted Features

  • It is ideal for almost all places such as home, store, hotels, and office. 
  • The safe has a digital keypad locking system as well as an analog lock and keys.
  • You can mount it in a drawer as well as on the floor. The hardware need will be provided with the safe. 
  • Sturdy construction makes it more reliable. Plus, the carpet floor ensures the safety of delicate items. 
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INVIE Drawer Safe With Key Electronic Digital Safe Box
INVIE Drawer Safe With Key Electronic Digital Safe Box

This safe is especially recommended for those who have a variety of items to keep them in a safe place. The safe is sturdy and looks so adorable that you can use it in your office. Big files and delicate items would have a safe place as it has a carpet layer inside.

Like other safes, it has a digital as well as an analog locking system. As soon as you enter the pin code, the safe opens. The amazing design and sturdy construction make it the best digital drawer safe for home, office, and hotel.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Drawer Safe

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Drawer Safe
Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Drawer Safe

Here are some attributes that you should look for while buying a drawer safe. Read them carefully to pick the perfect one for you.


You must buy a drawer safe that is made of top-grade steel construction. Also, make sure that the drawer’s locking system is sturdy or not. Ensure that it has a pry-resistance door.


As you will carry your drawer safe while traveling, you should buy a lightweight drawer safe so that you don’t feel fatigued while carrying it. Also, the safe should have multiple mounting facilities so that you can easily mount it in a different place.

Safe Door

There are many different types of doors on safes, which can have a significant impact on where you decide to place the unit. Some units open from top-loading drawers that fit deep in your desk; but if need be, there is also an option for those who would like to keep their safe hidden away as well.

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With so many different options available, choosing the best drawer safe for home and office can be a difficult task. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide to get you started on your research with our favorite picks.

From features like fingerprint unlocking to weight capacity and price range, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered before making a decision! We hope these reviews have helped you figure out which model is right for your needs.

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