How to Open a Master Lock Without The Combination

by Vincent Foster

Locks with master combinations are often used to protect lockers at home, shops, garage doors, storage drawers, etc. This type of lock is considered as being fragile and defenseless to an attack.

Don’t panic even when you cannot remember the code and are stuck. Therefore, you have several alternatives on how to open a master lock without the combination.

The very first thing you can do is to send it to the provider company and wait a while until the lock with new a combination has come. Otherwise, do some self-research to find out a solution by yourself. This article will also come in handy in such situations. So, keep reading…

How to Open a Master Lock without the Combination

How To Open A Master Lock Without The Combination
How To Open A Master Lock Without The Combination

Whereas many manual combination locks can still be cracked by physical force, it requires a huge amount of time and effort to do it. If you can’t recall the combination, there are a few ways to unlock a combination lock.

In this article, we will show you some techniques on how to open a master lock without the combination. Now let’s explore. So here we go.

Get To Know The Lock First

Generally, the best padlock is made up of three primary parts. The U-shaped component that connects it to the main body is called the shackle. Meanwhile, the dial is the rotating part of the lock which has digits on it. The remainder is the body.

Trying To Decode The Code

Whenever you forget the password to a combination lock, there is a technique to breach it. To decode the combination, you need to carefully pull the shackle and keep it in place.

You may probably be perplexed about which direction the lock should be turned. Then we will recommend that starting clockwise and then switching to counterclockwise is the greatest way to go. The most essential thing is to keep track of which way you started.

Do not rush or begin under duress. However, you need to give it a balanced pressure while rotating it around. Then, release up till you feel resistance in just one point. Take note of what number is under the arrow at that time. Repeat the process till you get the next combination number.

Using A Paperclip To Open The Lock

This is another method for unlocking a master lock without breaking the lock with a paperclip. You’ll need to cut off one edge of the paperclip for this. 

To do that, pick a stapler that will pass through the keyhole which is not too big or too small. Otherwise, it can’t apply adequate pressure inside the pins. 

In the meantime, it will serve as a lock lever. Then you can use a screwdriver including a crossbar that is narrow enough to go through the keyhole. Once the shackle pulls out, you will be able to open the lock with little effort.

Break The Lock With Bolt Cutters

People use this method to open a common master lock easily and quickly. A master lock can’t be broken without a key with just any bolt cutter. You must select a pair of best bolt cutters for padlocks that are capable of providing sufficient leverage for unlocking. 

Place them around the loop of the lock. After that, give heavy pressure to the loop until it cracks. Keep in mind that with a longer bolt cutter, you can easily break the lock.

Using A Grinding Tool To Open The Lock

You will be surprised to know that a grinder or other type of hand sharpener can assist you in removing all of the pins from the lock. First, make sure the lock is in the right direction. The shackles will come off on that side.

Meanwhile, look through the keyhole to see whether it’s there or not. If either side contains multiple rough spots, then check the serrations sign on the key.

Next, you need to smooth the part of the shackle which should fall off. You’ll have to grind around until the pins are visible and fall out. Your lock is free of any passcode entanglements. You just need to pick a flat item that will fit through the keyhole. Simply twist gently and thus the shackle will come off.

Crack The Lock With A Lock Shim Or Screwdriver

Having no bolt cutter does not mean that you cannot break the lock. There is another way of breaking the lock by using a shim or screwdriver. Pry off the numeral dial then slide the tool underneath it. You need to give upward force until its middle metal piece cracks. Then, insert the screwdriver or shim into the shackle hole. After that, you just slide it around until the metal piece loosens and the lock releases.

Open The Lock By Using A Hammer

Finally, if everything else fails, break the lock with a hammer. Aim towards the top curled area of the loop. Don’t be disheartened if this doesn’t work at the first few attempts. Try harder until you make a mark exactly where you want it.

Last but not least!

If you’ve decided to break the lock, keep in mind that you may probably lose it forever. As a solution, you ought to consider a few alternatives written above here. There are no 100% certainties that the lock will work again or not. But if it does, no doubt you want to use it.


Since a typical master lock’s durability is quite tough, there are several methods on how to open a master lock without the combination. To do so, you need enough patience as well as experience. Although it is frustrating to lose your lock key, so once you’ve opened it, be careful to avoid the same thing happening again!

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