6 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews & Buyer’s Guide – Updated 2023

by Vincent Foster

Having a gun implies that you are concerned about your security. As a result, you may probably have a gun safe in your home. 

However, storing them carefully will not give you the same level of accessibility as under bed gun safes. All gun owners should consider purchasing an under-bed gun safe.

Even, you will feel more secure and fearless if you have easy access to your gun safe. Yet, picking the right one among the finest might be difficult for you. 

Throughout this article, you will find the 6  best under bed gun safe reviews and in-depth buying guide so that you can pick the right one. Let’s have a look. 

Quick Summary for Top 6 Products

14-Gauge High-Grade Steel Alloy Steel, Digital Lock, Pre-Drilled Holes, 5-Foot Commercial-Grade Cable, Pry-Resistant Door

Tamper-Proof Chamber,  Large Slide-Out Drawer, Digital Pin Code And Backup Key Access, Easy Installation, 16 Gauge Steel Construction, 3 Solid Steel Pry Resistant Locking Bolts

Silent Keypress, Digital Combination Lock, Two Barrel-Style Keys, 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, Black Powder Coating Drawer, 100 Lbs Capacity

Heavy-Duty,  Pry-Proof Door, Electronic And Manual Access, Anti-Scratch Storage

Easy Installation, 14-Gauge Hardened Steel, Mechanical Combination Lock, No Batteries, Two Patented Mounting Plates

1500-Lb Rated Cable, 2 Circular Barrel Keys, Tamper Proof, Ac And Battery Powered,  Touch-Free Entry, Child-Resistant, 50lb Ar Rifle Locker, Spring Loaded Door.

Top 6 Best Under Bed Hand Gun Safe Reviews in 2023

Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews
Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

It is difficult to choose the best drawer safe from the vast selection available on the market.

Let’s go into the reviews so you can get a better understanding of some of our top recommendations.

1. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe – Best for Gun Storage and Security

Highlighted Features

  • It features a digital lock including 3 to 6 character access code 
  • Made of 14-gauge high-grade steel
  • Allows for fast access to firearms
  • Protects firearms and other belongings such as jewels, computers, tablet devices, papers, and pricey equipment
SnapSafe Under Bed Safe - Best For Gun Storage And Security
SnapSafe Under Bed Safe - Best For Gun Storage And Security

The Snap Safe under Bed Gun Safe is wide enough to accommodate several assault weapons. Not only that, it can easily fit underneath your bed. It can safely and surreptitiously hide your firearms. The huge slide-out drawer can contain weapons, jewels, paperwork, and other personal belongings. 

Meanwhile, a digital lock operates the locking mechanism with a backup key. It has programmed with a 3 to 8 digit access code. To prevent unwanted access, the door is designed to be pry-resistant.

Moreover, the item is 51 pounds in weight while the complete package weight at arrival is approximately 64 pounds. The 14 gauge heavy-duty alloy steel is used to make the frame and door. 

For a permanent fix, there are pre-drilled holes. When secured to a solid object, it comes with a 5-foot commercial-grade cable for additional security.

In addition, this medium design drawer’s inner dimensions are 26 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 5 inches in height.

Finally, it is great for the vehicle that has a flat storage space. Even it can easily fit in the trunk safe. With all these amazing bells and whistles, it is considered one of the best under bed safes in the market. 

2. Moutec Rapid Gun Storage Drawer Safe – Best Gun Safe For Home And Vehicle

Highlighted Features

  • Incredible build quality and higher safety
  • Three-point locking mechanism with three robust deadbolts
  • Super easy to carry firearms with two side handles
  • Access to guns in a gloomy space is made easier by an inside LED light
Moutec Rapid Gun Storage Safe Drawer - Best Gun Safe For Home And Vehicles
Moutec Rapid Gun Storage Safe Drawer - Best Gun Safe For Home And Vehicles

The Moutec Rapid gun storage can be a dreamy safe drawer for you as it has some outstanding features. 

This safe’s construction includes robust steel as well as a tamper-proof chamber. An AR rifle will easily fit inside the drawer. Various characteristics confirm this safe as an excellent choice for your safety.

This best bedside drawer gun safe helps in keeping all of your valuable belongings and firearms out of view. The huge slide-out compartment can carry many guns and related materials.

Meanwhile, the door is equipped with three steel deadbolts. It is designed with a three-point locking system that is impenetrable to inquisitive eyes. Handles enable much more convenient transportation. 

To run the safe, you’ll need four AA batteries. There is also an internal led light that goes on automatically when the door is opened. Within 20 seconds, its LED light goes off on its own. As a benefit, you may still be able to access your stored weaponry in low-light situations.

3. MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Gun Safe – Best Low Profile Gun Safe

Highlighted Features

  • Digital combination lock
  • Two barrel-style keys are included.
  • The case’s bottom is fitted with mounting holes
  • The vault is built with a double-walled structure
MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Gun Safe -  - Best Low Profile Gun Safe
MonsterVault Low Profile Underbed Gun Safe - - Best Low Profile Gun Safe

Are you looking for the best low profile gun safe with a digitally programmed locking system? You’ve come to the correct place. With a top-notch build quality, this is the top-selling under-bed safe produced in the USA

It comes with a computerized combination lock. The safe is programmed with an access code ranging from three to eight digits.

Also, it has a nice logo and a sleek black style. The weight is around 100 pounds. This rectangular shape product dimension ‎is 48 x 24 x 6 inches. The drawer has a capacity of 100 lbs.

With a digitally controlled combination lock, you can slide out the drawer easily. The reliable locking mechanism is also furnished by two barrel-style keys.

Moreover, a dual-wall design is used to build the vault. The case’s bottom is equipped with mounting holes.

The top and bottom have an average thickness of 11 gauge, while the sides have 7 gauge.

4. SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safes – Best Large Gun Safes for Rifles and Shotguns

Highlighted Features

  • Easy and super fast access at the time of need
  • Ensure maximum level security
  • The security system comes with a Passcode lock or traditional key lock
  • Enough space with anti-scratch soft lining
 SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safes - Best Large Gun Safes For Rifles And Shotguns
SafeArms Under Bed Gun Safes - Best Large Gun Safes For Rifles And Shotguns

Wanna grab the best under the bed large gun safe? Well, this gun safe can a good option for you. It is big enough, comes with an extra lifetime, and is built with reinforced materials. 

Plus, its pry-proof steel keeps your firearms and valuables well-secured. The most excellent thing about it is, all of its security systems doesn’t slow you down at the time of need. Yes, you guessed it right! It allows you simple and rapid access.

Additionally, this firearms safe pry-proof door keeps youngsters and unauthorized users away from the things placed inside the safe. Its tough strengthened steel provides ultimate break-in protection. So, you can easily imagine that this one is a hard nut to crack.

Morever, you can easily configure your gun safe with a 3 to 8 digit passcode or a regular entry key to securely store all of your valuable things, jewelry, documents, guns, and other items.

With a soft lining that protects your valuables and firearms from scratches and damages, this gun safe for pistols has enough space you need to securely protect your important things and guns. Dimensions: 7.0 * 48.0 * 24.0 [H*W*D].

5. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault – Best Pistol And Handgun Safe

Highlighted Features

  • In terms of strength, it has featured 14-gauge toughened steel
  • The Universal Holster is designed to fit semi-automatic or revolver weapons, along with pistols with tack-Lights
  • The pistol vaults can hold guns up to 10″ long
  • Batteries are not essential
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Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault - Best Pistol And Handgun Safe
Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault - Best Pistol And Handgun Safe

Here is another heavy-duty gun safe. That’s right! The mechanical lock on the Titan under Bed safe is fail-safe as well as very durable. However, the lock is simple to use as well. This gun safe has adequate storage space to hold pistols up to ten inches long.

Another special part about this one is its adaptability, which allows it to fit a variety of distinct size rifles. Patented Mounting Plates are quick to set up too.

Moreover, if you have guns that are 10″ long and 1 3/4″ broad, your gun will fit easily in the Titan Pistol vault.

Surprisingly, the Safe is backed by a lifetime warranty. If you need to protect your property or self-defense equipment, this safe is perhaps the most convenient choice. You can swiftly swing out your pistol while the safe door is unlocked.

Certainly, it is the best gun safe for pistol and handgun vault available on the market. Not only that, but also its extreme portability distinguishes it from other vaults.

6. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch-Free Entry – Best Heavy-Duty Gun Fafe For Home

Highlighted Features

  • Touch-free entry including certified RFID technology
  • The 50lb AR rifle locker comes with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Deliver astounding security against illegal access
  • An alternative access method is given via a digital keypad along with a spare mechanical key
Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker With RFID Touch-Free Entry -  Best Heavy-Duty Gun Fafe For Home
Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker With RFID Touch-Free Entry - Best Heavy-Duty Gun Fafe For Home

Every safe from Hornady meets or surpasses ASTM International safety requirements. It is capable of handling and securing your gun and safety equipment with proper security.

In fact, the safe is extremely strong due to its solid and durable construction components. It is incredibly thin and fits nicely under the bed. This is why I believe it is the best heavy-duty gun safe for home.

In addition to that, this high-quality gun safe is also child-proof. So, no matter how smart your kids are, they can’t get access to your guns.

Besides, the gun safe can hold an AR15 rifle. The ample storage capacity can accommodate a rifle as well as one or two pistols without any hassle. The racks are flexible, allowing you to appropriately store either one two firearms. 

To conclude, the safe also runs on batteries or can be plugged into a wall socket. It is made of 16 gauge steel and features four inner toughened locking lugs. For enhanced protection, this rifle safe includes a 1500-lb rated cable.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Under Bed Gun Safe
Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Under Bed Gun Safe

There are a few things you should think about before purchasing your new under-bed gun safe. Most of these criteria will give you a better idea of which safe is ideal for you as well as your requirements.

To help you, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide that includes all of the key aspects you should think about before making a final purchase.

Locking Mechanism

It is the most important factor to consider. Many gun safes are featured with electronic locks, whereas others have a biometric mechanism or fingerprint scanners.

Gun safes with simple locking systems are perfect to keep beneath the bed. In a situation, an easy-access locking mechanism will come in handy. However, this does not imply that anybody can open the safe. 

Dimensions And Capacity

Another important element to think about is the safe’s capacity and size. There are also some under bed gun safe designs which can carry more than two guns, whereas others barely fit a rifle or shotgun. The size of your gun safe should be calculated by the sorts of weapons you have and the possibility of obtaining additional weapons in the coming time.


Before purchasing a safe, you should also think about the material it is made of. Steel gun safes are often more durable and secure.


Mounting is highly recommended unless you need to move the gun safe frequently. Mounting secures your safe to the base. It also provides additional security when robbers attempt to take the entire safe with them. This usually occurs when they are unable to open in time.

Easy to Assemble And Operate 

It is also essential to have an under-bed gun safe that is quick to set up and operate. Several safes arrive with mounting hardware as well as maintenance manuals.

Water And Fire-Resistant

Always pick the top under bed gun safes that are child-resistant, fire-resistant, and waterproof. Furthermore, it should be robust enough to prevent a criminal from quickly breaking it open.


Always choose a product that comes with a guarantee in case something goes wrong in the future. If there is an issue with your gun safe, the manufacturer will repair or refund it without question.

Brand Reputation

You should do your research before you made up your mind about purchasing any random gun safe. Examine online reviews thoroughly, verify the manufacturer’s credibility, and study the feedback carefully. By doing so, you will get accurate results based on your preferences. 


It’s the very last thing to think about. Your safe’s budget may be affected by its size, design, storage, and manufactured materials. But remember, within a friendly budget, you can find the best under bed safe. Though some of them might not be suitable for you.

FAQs About Under Bed Gun Safe

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the gun safe. Please see these answers to learn more.  

1. Why Should I Get an Under Bed Gun Safe Rather than A Regular Gun Safe?

Ans: Under-bed safes are easy to hide and save a lot of room. Even they are super convenient and easy to access.  On the other hand, it is quite difficult to hide your traditional safe and are rarely shielded from prying eyes.

2. Are Gun Safes Worth It?

A gun safe is invariably an excellent investment to keep your gun safe and secure. The majority of insurance firms now mandate that you keep your firearm in a gun safe.

3. What Should I Put Under My Gun Safe?

Ans: You may cover your safe with a thin carpet. This will help to safeguard your floor by equally spreading the weight of the safe.

4. Will Guns Rust In a Under Bed Gun Safe?

An under bed gun safe-keep your gun safe and prevent it from rusting. However, the humidity and temperature regulation of the surroundings around the safe must also be taken into account.

5. Which Lock System Should I Go While Selecting Under Bed Gun Safe?

Choose a safe with a digital or biometric keypad lock mechanism which takes roughly 2.5 seconds to open. As you never know how instantaneously you need your gun.


We believe that everyone who owns a gun should have the best under bed gun safe to secure it from damage. There are no options but to have an under bed gun safe to deal with unusual scenarios. As you’ve seen, there are various worthy options available in the market. All you have to do is make up your mind and pick the right one. 

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