How Does Addalock Portable Door Lock Work?

by Vincent Foster

People often face security problems for their house though they have a door lock. Or even in a vocational cabin or rental, there is a chance of entering your room using a duplicate key. It might be intentional or unintentional. 

For that, you can use the best portable door lock which may release your worry and can provide an excellent security system. Also, A portable door lock will give you an extra layer of security.

In this article, I will discuss portable door locks and also I will explain- how does Addalock works? Read on to find out.

What is Portable Door Lock

What Is Portable Door Lock
What Is Portable Door Lock

In the market, portable door locks come in a variety of types, you can choose one based on your needs. Although you can get additional security from a portable door lock, you must remain in your house or room in order to do so. If one is out of his house or room, he can not lock his door by a portable door lock. Consequently, one can not enter your house if you don’t open the door.

As previously mentioned that there are many types of portable door locks, so they offer different types of functioning. Such as Addalock, door jammer, lock locker, door brace, etc.

Addalock: How Does it Work?

How Does Addalock Work
How Does Addalock Work

Addalock is one of the simplest secondary door locking systems. You can take it in your bag and wherever you will stay you can use it. Such as hotels, motels, vocational cabins, home rentals or college dorms, etc.

Addalock has two parts, one part requires another part in locking a door. In one part it has a steel body, which has two claws in the back. You have to insert it into the door strike. You will also see there is a butterfly hole in the middle of the steel body that will grip the handle to hold firm the door from opening.   

The handle of the Addalock is generally yellow and triangle-shaped. However, it is shaped like this for a specific purpose. In the middle of the handle, there is a moving rod that catches the handle and locks it in place, therefore, it stops the door from opening.

To apply it, you have to stay inside the room or house. And it is used in a door which opens inward.

Let’s See How To Install Addalock Following Simple Steps

  • Firstly, take your Addalock and test it whether it fits in your door or not. Insert it into the gap between your door and door frame. If you confirm that it is okay. Then go to the next step.
  • Open your door and insert the Addalock’s claws into the door strike then close your door.
  • Now, take the moving rob and insert it into the butterfly hole. And drop the Addalock’s handle. Yes, that’s it.
  • Further, check if everything is working flawlessly.

How Do Different Portable Door Locks Work?

Door Jammer

If your house door is open inwardly then you can use this portable door lock. Which is used to prevent the door from opening. If someone forces the door to open from outside, this lock will work as a counterforce. If one has a key to the door, he can not open it until you remove the portable door jammer.

You have to slip the door jammer under your door then twists it so that it can keep the door in place. You can remove the door jammer quickly and easily by pulling up over it. Interestingly, you can use it on different floorings, like concrete, laminate, tile, wood, or carpet.

The Lock Locker

You see that from its name “lock locker” which refers to a temporary lock that further locks another lock. Yes, it is right! Lock locker secure lock of the deadbolt. If one tries to unlock the deadbolt with a key, he can not able to do this because of the lock locker. It stops lock picks, locks bumping, and copied keys. You can generally apply it on an ordinary deadbolt.

Think that you are in a big house, you might have a security camera but at the midnight you are sleeping, criminals first try to break the door lock but a locked locker might play as an abstruse security system for your house.

Door Brace

Door brace is a very amazing portable door locking system. In past, in an emergency, people used chairs below the doorknob which was why anyone could not enter the house. The door brace might be the neoteric version of it. It keeps the door firm in its place and makes obstacles. One cannot enter your house even if he has a master key.

You can take it for your traveling and packing and you can carry it on your larger begs.

Travel-Door Alarm

If the secondary door lock does not fit with your door lock then you can choose another amazing security system which is the travel door alarm. A travel door alarm system is a quite simple solution though it will not prevent anyone from entering your room or house. It will just alarm and inform you.

All you have to do is, hang the travel door alarm on the door handle. It operates on the knob and lever-style doors. So, you can try this one for your house door.


In this article, I have discussed portable door lock and especially how does Addalock work?

You have to keep in mind when you apply Addalock to your door that it does not work well with large deadbolts. Otherwise, it is a pretty good locking system that secures you from the unexpected entrance of a stranger. 

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