Find out How Do Portable Door Locks Work

Do you know that hotels and travel lodgings are the major areas where a very significant amount of robberies take place? Almost 17%, that’s a huge ratio if you give it some consideration. All that can be avoided if the security system was a bit better. Adding one simple gadget may lessen that possibility a lot, can you guess what it is? Portable door locks.

This amazing device has been in the safety lock industry for a while now. Not only for commercial use like hotels and so, but you may also need one for the next big trip. Now one question will most certainly come to your mind if you don’t have much idea about this simple gadget. And that’s, how do portable door locks work? Well, today we are about to find out.

How do Portable Door Lock works

The Whole Thing About How Do Portable Door Locks Work

If you are thinking that, “I’ve already looked for how do door locks work, and this one must be the same as well in functioning”, then nope, you’re wrong. The mechanism of portable ones is a bit different from how door locks work that is meant for basic usage. Let’s find out more about that.

The General Mechanism Of Portable Door Locks

Addalock Portable Door Lock - Best Lock  For Travel, AirBNB Or School Lockdown - Portable door lock mechanism

There are more than a few styles and shapes when it comes to portable door locks. And so, their mechanism of working might be slightly different. But for the most part, it’s going to be quite similar. The main task is to make sure door does not accept opening inward. However, this is not going to be enough if your room’s door opens out to the corridor.

The majority of portable door lock comes with one piece. This is here to fit right into the plate made of metal. It fits in the place where you will find existing latch. Basically, right onto the spot of lock going. Another one should be residing right on the back part of door.

Once you lock it on place, the door won’t be able to open unless it’s broken physically. In some cases, there can be a slightly different approach. There’s a sliding piece available right below the door jam. There should also be a plate that stays screwed down to the floor.

If anybody tries to open the door with this locked on, it basically transfers horizontal pressure into vertical force. As a result, the lock becomes even tighter. Hard surface areas are best with such lock similar to door wedges. Also, you get slight bonus protection with a floor that comes with carpet. You can use a certain type of portable door locks even for interior uses.

A Bit Deeper Explanation Based on Type

Portable door lock mechanism

You already know that depending on the type of portable door lock, its mechanism is going to be varying. So, let’s talk about some other types and their mechanism individually. That will make it easier for you to pick one suitable option.

The inward opening doors are more compatible with door jammer portable locks. Using the concept for counterforce principle, this portable door lock type basically stops the door from opening. So, when the door faces force from other side, it won’t open because of lock’s mechanism. Once you attach it to the door, even with a key an intruder won’t be able to enter. The door jammer works simply by sliding it below door and twisting a few times. By pulling it up, you’ll be able to remove it easily as well.

In case of a door that does not easily accommodate another style of lock, a portable door alarm can be your savior. Technically it’s not locking the door but serving quite a similar purpose. So, I thought you should know about it. What this does is basically hangs on the front door handle. If someone tries to access your door, the frame dislodging attempt is sensed by alarm and it emits a piercing sound of high decibel. It does not however stop the access, but create a sound that will make surrounding aware of something wrong happening.

And finally, we have a door brace to talk about. You can easily pack and travel along with this type. The telescoping down length is however around 24 inches in most cases, so you may need to pack it in some large bag. By installing right beneath the doorknob, it works to prevent door from opening. Even if someone attempts to open with a key, it won’t allow access.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how do portable door locks work. These versatile types of locks have made many people stressless and let them enjoy their time on vacations and trips. At the hotel, you won’t be stressing over maid entering suddenly while you’re showering. Those who are living in rental properties will have their piece of mind since landlords won’t be able to put them on unease by entering without any notice. Also, if you have a nosy roommate, then using a simple portable door lock for your bedroom will help in feeling secure by maintaining your privacy. And there are tons of other examples cases.

Also, make sure that the use of portable door lock is legally approved. Your home members should be aware of how to remove the lock. You don’t want an issue in case of a fire or any uninvited situation. So be as cautious as possible.

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