A Comprehensive Guide on How To Install Mailbox Lock

by Vincent Foster

People don’t take into account the danger of leaving their residential mailboxes unprotected. Not only can you lose your valuable mails, but you can also be a victim of identity theft, and as we know, ”Identity theft is not a joke. Millions of families suffer every year.” So, knowing how to install mailbox locks is a must. 

Installing a mailbox lock is very easy so you will not need to hire experts and spend unnecessary amounts of money. You just need to pick the right lock and follow the instructions that I’m about to provide below. 

So let’s take a look at how you can secure your mailbox by installing a lock.

How To Install or Replace A Mailbox Lock in 5 Simple Steps

How To Install A Mailbox Lock In 5 Simple Steps
How To Install A Mailbox Lock In 5 Simple Steps

The process of a mailbox lock installation is easier if there were no locks before the one you are about to install. If you had an old lock, replacing it will take a little bit more effort as you have to take the old one out and put a new one in. Following is the mailbox lock installation guide, approved by the experts at arrowheadlocksmith.com.

1. Removing The Older Lock

You don’t need to follow this step if your mailbox doesn’t have any old locks. But in the case where you have one, you need to remove it before you can put a new lock-in. While removing the lock, look for a big pin that is shaped like a horseshoe. The function of this pin is to keep the position of the lock fixed. 

Next look for a depression that looks like a little tab. You can find it at the top of the old lock’s locking mechanism. You can use a pair of pliers so that you can get a good grip. Now putting pressure with the pliers, start pulling the tab upwards. The lock must not be disengaged by pushing at it, instead, you should slide it out.

2. Getting A New lock

Now it’s time for you to get a new lock for the mailbox. You can easily buy locks for your mailbox from any hardware store or even online. The best choice for mailbox locks is the conventional ones. 

Experts recommend the cylinder locks most when it comes to mailbox locks. These locks are very easy to handle and you can easily operate them. Being easy to operate doesn’t mean that you will let go of the security aspect of the mailbox. You will be provided with a couple of keys to easily open and close the lock. While choosing locks, choose one that is suitable for all-weather and comes with a steel coating. Otherwise, the locks will rust when wetter seasons come along.

3. Preparing The Mailbox For The Installation Of The Lock

Almost every mailbox type is made in such a way that you can install conventional cylinder locks in them. A void needs to be prepared to fit the lock’s cylinder part. This cylindrical part is the main locking component of the lock. The mailbox’s front door is where the void should be made. 

You can find most of the locks to be within a range of conventional sizes. So you make the width of the hole be a minimum of ⅝ inches and height should be three-quarters of an inch. For making the hole, you should use a drill. For metallic mailboxes, drilling is not required as there are brackets present which is dedicated to securing the lock. 

4. Inserting The New lock

After you have prepared the hole, it is now time to take the lockout of its packaging and install it into the hole you have just drilled. The part you need to insert into the hole in the locking bar. Then reset the pin by turning towards the interior of the door of the mailbox. This part is very easy because the locking pin can be inserted into only one slot of the locking mechanism.

In the case of a metallic mailbox, the locking bar should be inserted into the space in between the dedicated brackets and then tightened. It is best to use a screwdriver in this case. If you see any more of the hole around the brackets or the lock, you need to seal them using an epoxy paste designed for all surfaces.

5. Checking Whether The Mailbox lock Is Working Properly 

Don’t rest on your laurels after you are done installing the lock. You need to check whether they are working properly or not. Use all the keys provided to you to unlock the mailbox multiple times to ensure that the lock is working. If you find any problems, take the lock to the store as soon as possible so that you can get an instant replacement. 

Final Words

Theft isn’t the only way you can lose your valuable mail from an unlocked mailbox. There are a lot of ways for mail to go missing from mailboxes such as strong wind and some other form of damage. So, knowing how to install mailbox locks will help you a lot in keeping the mail safe and secure.

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