How To Install A Deadbolt Lock On A Door

by Vincent Foster

Almost all of our doors have door knobs. But they are not the safest of options if the purpose is to keep intruders out as these knobs can easily be opened or broken. Deadbolt locks, on the other hand, are pretty handy when it comes to keeping intruders at bay. So, knowing how to install deadbolt locks on doors is a big plus.

Installing deadbolt locks is very easy and you can do it by yourself. You just need to follow the proper procedures so that you don’t miss the lock and your door. 

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how you can install deadbolt locks on doors and feel safer than ever before.

How To Install A Deadbolt Lock On A Door
How To Install A Deadbolt Lock On A Door

Tools Needed To Install A Deadbolt Lock 

As mentioned earlier, deadbolt locks are pretty easy to install. All you need are the following tools and you can do it yourself :

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Installation Process Of a Deadbolt Lock On Doors

Installation Process Of A Deadbolt Lock On Doors
Installation Process Of A Deadbolt Lock On Doors

Installing deadbolt locks are very easily doable if the steps are followed correctly. Once you are done installing the lock, it will provide much more security than before as it can only be opened with a key from both sides of the door. Now let’s look into the steps you need to follow to install deadbolt locks using these tools

1. Referencing Manufacturer’s Template

Almost all of the deadbolt locks come with a template provided by the manufacturers so that you can install the locks easily. These templates are compatible with doors of varying thicknesses. They also come with reference points on them which can then be marked on doors having an awl. You must place the deadbolt at least 6 inches above the doorknob. 

2. Cutting A Hole

After marking the points of reference that you obtained from the manufacturer’s template, take a hole saw and start cutting a hole for the deadbolt to be placed. When you see the pilot bit of the saw coming through the other side of the door, don’t cut anymore. Do this from the other side as well so that you don’t have any splinters. For a hole saw not deep enough so that it can penetrate the other side of the door, you can use a standard bit to complete cutting the hole.

3. Drilling Hole Through The Door’s Edge

Now it is time to use your spade bit. Use one that is ⅞ inches and make a hole by drilling through the door’s edge for the bolt’s placement.

4. Mortising The Area Surrounding The Faceplate 

Now take the bolt and dry fit it into the hole you have just drilled. After tracing around the faceplate, take your wood chisel and mortise the area surrounding the faceplate so that it’s flush against the door. 

When you are using the chisel, make sure that you are keeping the beveled side towards the area that is being mortised and you are tapping the chisel so deep that it recesses the faceplate. You might need to use a chisel that is smaller than the one you have just used so that you properly mortise the rounded corners.

5. Securing The Bolt

Continue to mortise as long as the faceplate fits the door properly. Now drill a few pilot holes so that you can secure the deadbolt to the door using screws.

6. Installing Thumb Lever And The Cylinder 

Now it’s time for dry-fitting the cylinder and the thumb lever to let you have an idea about the pieces and how they fit together. First, fit the door’s exterior side to make sure there is upright writing. After that, place the interior piece by aligning the holes for the screws with the lock’s interior mounting holes. Now using screws, fasten the bolt.

7. Drilling Holes And Securing The Strike Plate

The final step requires you to mark the bolt’s end using lipstick or paint. Now mark the frame of the door by closing the door and turning the bolt a few times. Use the ⅞ inch spade bit from before and drill a couple of holes in the frame of the door which overlap. 

Now finish the process by mortising the area surrounding the hole to make the strike plate fit flush against the doorframe. Now, secure the strike plate by drilling a few pilot holes and using screws.

Some Tips Regarding Deadbolt Lock Installation 

  • The usual measurement for the hole saw is 2 and a quarter inches and the spade bit is ⅞ inches. But not all doors and bolts will have the same measurement requirements. So, before you use these two tools, it is better that you check the instructions.
  • It is recommended by the experts that you measure your door’s thickness before installing the deadbolt lock. Also, use the template according to the thickness of the door.

Final Words

The main job of doors and locks is to keep unwanted people away from your home. Knowing how to install deadbolt locks on doors will go a long way to ensure your and your home’s safety. So, add a deadbolt lock to your regular door knob and make your home safer than ever before.

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