10 Best Security Door Stopper Reviews – Updated 2022

Home security is at the top of priorities for families. Door stoppers and jammers are a great way of reinforcing your doors against burglars and criminals.

They help you protect your family, possessions, and pets from unexpected dangers. When you have children at home, they ensure that doors don’t accidentally close on their little fingers and toes.

Here you’ll find out about the best security door stopper, what are the factors that need to be considered before buying, and the answers to your questions about door stoppers.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the reviews of the top door stoppers in the market. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect one for you right here.

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Top 10 Best Security Door Stopper Reviews 2022

Here is an in-depth analysis of the features and specifications of the top 10 best door stoppers out there.

1. WINONLY Security Door Stopper – 4 Pack Magnetic Door Stop

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty magnetic door stopper keeps doors from slamming shut
  • Protects walls from getting damaged by door handles
  • No need to drill as it can be installed using 3M double-sided adhesive tape
  • Top-quality stainless steel body makes it durable and resistant to rust
  • Comes in economy packs of 2, 4 and 6 pieces

WINONLY Security Door Stopper, 4 Pack Magnetic Door StopA door stopper not only gives you added security but also ensures protection against wall damage. This Winonly door stopper is strong, sturdy and it is the best magnetic door stop, also this door stopper resistant to rust. It has a strong magnet that’ll keep your door from shutting suddenly and causing unexpected accidents. That’s why it’s considered as the best door stopper out there.

You can install it either on the wall or the floor without any hassle. The great thing about it us you don’t need to drill your wall or floor. It has a 3M double-sided tape that’ll keep your door open securely. There won’t be any more noise or swinging of the door.

However, if you want to be extra careful and would like to install it permanently with screws, then just peel off the adhesive tape and mount the stopper with screws.

The soft catch feature of this door stopper will give you comfort and peace of mind knowing your child will not be able to slam the doors and wake up the whole house. It’s made of stainless steel, which gives it a long life and protection against rust and corrosion.

2. HELEMAN Security Door Stopper – 4 Pack 4 Inch Kickdown Door Stop

Highlighted Features

  • The stopper can be adjusted, and the door can be stopped at any angle
  • Anti-slip soft, flexible rubber of the tip ensures a tight grip on the floor
  • Can be used on any type of floor without slipping for noise reduction and prevention of damage on walls
  • Zinc alloy metal body makes it strong and long-lasting

HELEMAN Security Door Stopper, 4 Pack 4-Inch Kickdown Door StopIf you’re looking for something that’ll stay put on any type of floor, then this one will be the perfect one for you. It works well on hardwood, concrete, vinyl and tiled floor.

The special step-release mechanism allows you to stop your door at any angle. You can also keep it raised. In that case, it’ll not have any effect on the operation of the door while raised. You won’t need to bend down or even lift with your feet to make the stopper rise. There’s a step pedal release that’ll allow you to raise the stopper with just a push of your feet.

Installation is also super easy with just 3 screws. Just choose the right spot, measure the height from the floor, then drill and screw in the screws. Now you won’t have to worry about the wind slamming your door when sleeping.

Its anti-slip rubber tip is soft and flexible. The body is made of top-notch zinc alloy material making them sturdy and durable. It’s the ultimate solution to your hands getting pinched by the door, or when you’re hauling groceries and need to keep the door open.

3. Wundermax Security Door Stopper Rubber Door Stop Wedge

Highlighted Features

  • Uniquely designed wedge stopper can stop even the heaviest doors
  • Works on all types of the floor using the anti-skid bottom to grip onto the surface
  • Can be stacked to create a bigger and stronger stopper
  • Set includes holder hooks that ensure it won’t get lost

Wundermax Door Stopper Rubber Door Stop WedgeThe next one on our list is a wedge stopper; that’s a great option if you don’t want anything permanent to attach to your door or wall. You can slide it under the door whenever you want to keep the door open to a certain angle.

These wedge stoppers are made of high quality, certified by REACH odorless rubber. They have been tested and approved by the SGS. So you know they are completely safe to use for homes.

The unique design that it’s created will fit any door and any floor. Its anti-skid bottom will grip onto any surface you put it up against, be it hardwood floors, carpet, stone, linoleum, cement, or tile.

If you’ve got a heavy door, this wedge stopper has your back. You can stack two stoppers together and use a free clip to make a stopper that’s 2 inches high.

The set of stoppers come with 3 holder hooks that you can hang on the wall next to the door using double-sided tape. This way, it won’t get lost, and you can keep it organized.

4. COOLOUS Door Jammer Security Door Stopper

Highlighted Features

  • Innovative design for stopping any door from being opened from the outside
  • The compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for travelers
  • Easy to install by just pushing and securing it under the door
  • Compatible with all types of floors from carpeted to laminated

COOLOUS Door Jammer Security Door StopperImagine you’re staying at a shady hotel or an Airbnb. You know someone’s got a key to your room. In this scenario, the COOLOUS door jammer will be your best friend. It’ll stop any door from being opened from the outside.

This jammer is compatible with all types of floors, whether it’s carpeted or tiled. If it feels any kind of exertion from the outside, it’s uniquely designed hinges and angles will anchor the jammer to the floor instantly.

It can be easily carried in your bag, briefcase, backpack, or your carry-on. Install it by positioning the jammer under the door, and making sure that it’s tightly fitted to the door. Ensure that it’s mounted right under the doorknob. It can also be easily removed with a sweeping upward motion.

COOLOUS guarantees its product is made with the finest material and manufacturing process so that it can deliver a superior quality device. Safety and security are the most imperative for peace of mind.

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5. SuperiorMaker Door Closer, Security Door Wedge Large Rubber Door Stops

Highlighted Features

  • Top and bottom are ribbed to ensure highest anti-slip and anti-skid feature
  • Compatible with all types of floor and even doors with large floor clearance
  • Highly quality rubber makes it durable and perfect for expensive floors as it won’t scruff-up the floor
  • Stylish and modern look with all-black color goes well with any interior decoration

SuperiorMaker Door Closer, Security Door Wedge Large Rubber Door StopsThis one is a best-seller among customers who wish to use a wedge stopper for their homes and offices. It’s perfect for either interior or outdoor use on any type of surface.

If you’re worried about your hardwood floors and using stopper, then this is the solution. This rubber heavy-duty wedge stopper won’t scruff up your expensive floor. The rubber is strong and flexible, which makes it durable and easy on the floor. It’s modern, and simple all-black design will complement your home or office décor.

Because of its size, you can use it on virtually any door with any height and weight. It can be used in classrooms or job sites to keep big doors with large floor clearance open, or you can use it for your door at home or office. The possibilities are endless.

It also comes in an economical three pack because who needs just one door stopper. This ensures you’re getting good value for your money.

6. JQK Heavy Duty Security Door Stopper Rubber Wedge

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used on all types of the floor like carpeted, tiled, cemented, etc.
  • Made with 3M stainless steel and heavy-duty odorless rubber
  • Unique anti-slip and sloped design used on the base helps provide a powerful grip
  • Set contains 4 wedge stoppers, which can be hung on the wall.

JQK Heavy Duty Security Door Stopper Rubber WedgeThis next one combines rubber and stainless steel to bring you a heavy duty door stopper with added reinforcement. It is a pack of four security door stop which can be used on all types of floors.

Made with premium quality odorless rubber and 304 stainless steel, it’ll hold any heavy door open. This wedge stopper is the perfect solution when you don’t want anything permanent and want to be able to control when you use a stopper.

It’ll fit any door that’s hanging from 0.1 to 1.18 inches from the floor. The anti-slip bottom will provide you with the ultimate grip power. So no matter what type of floor it is, wood, cement, vinyl, tile, or carpet, you can use it as a doorstop without any worry.

The 2mm thick stainless steel bar at the end of the wedge provides extra support for the door. If you want, you can even remove these bars for more lightweight tasks. The ribbed surface of the stopper helps in giving it a powerful grip on all floor types.

7. Premium Zone LARGE Rubber Door Stopper – Works On All Surfaces

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality substantive rubber and brushed stainless steel provides great durability
  • Stainless steel frameworks as a handle when being removed from under the door
  • Large wedge stopper that won’t slide under doors
  • Can be used on slippery surfaces like tile or granite as well as carpet and wood

Premium Zone LARGE Rubber Door Stopper - Works On All SurfacesThe last one on our list is another best door stopper that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Its high-quality material ensures that it’s durable and can hold heavy doors effortlessly.

You can get use out of it on carpeted or hardwood floors without worrying about it scruffing up your expensive floor. The high-quality rubber not only protects the paint job on your door but is also scratch-proof making it safe for the floors as well.

It’ll grip quite well on slippery surfaces like tiles, and granite floors without doing any damage. One concern about rubber is that it might start to fall apart but not with this one. The substantive rubber is robust, and the brushed stainless steel frame gives this stopper good durability.

This stainless steel frame is a great handle when you want to remove it. It works really well as leverage when you’ve got to slide the stopper out from under the door.

8. Securityman 2-in-1 Door Security Bar & Sliding Patio Door Security Bar (2 Pack) 

Highlighted Features

  • You can use it for both hinged doors and sliding door/window alike.
  • The rugged rubber bottom is compatible with every type of floor such as tile, stone, hardwood, etc.
  • The door stopper uses first-class iron and you can adjust it between 18.25″ to 47.50″. It can, however, withstand 400 lbs. of pressure.
  • It is very simple to use as you can turn the rod and slide it to your desired length.

Securityman 2-in-1 Door Security Bar & Sliding Patio Door Security Bar (2 Pack) You welcome friends and relatives to your house. But, you don’t want intruders to get into your house without permission. At the same time, you don’t like to keep your door locked all day. That’s when a door security bar comes into play.

A Securityman door security bar comes with a ‘U’ shaped end that props up under the doorknob. The only thing you have to do is put the security bar right in place. It can easily withstand 400 lbs. of pressure which means no unwanted person or animal could enter your house until you allow them to.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the type of your floor. It could consist of stone, laminate, vinyl, cork, tile, hardwood, linoleum, etc. The rugged rubber bottom will keep the door in place no matter what.

However, if you have a sliding door or window, the 2 in 1 door security bar works here too. You just need to put it on the bar where the door slides. If you align the notch to the pin to come out or pop up, it can force the door locked in place. By pushing the lock pin, however, you may allow the door to slide.

It is one of the best door security bars that include two pieces of door caps, two pieces of sliding patio Door & Window Caps, and a security safety bar (3 parts). All in one package.

So, what do you wait for? Buy the best door security bar and secure your house.

9. TOWODE 3 Pack Door Stoppers Security Alarm 

Highlighted Features

  • It is one of the best door stop alarms that offer you dual functions as you can use it just as a door stopper, or you can use it as a door stopper with an alarm.
  • It has 3 levels of sensitivity which allows you to set a low, medium, or high volume alarm sound, depending on the time and place you live in.
  • This door stop alarm is compatible with most of the doors; when fixed in place, the outsiders remain completely unaware of this device.
  • Very lightweight and portable. You can use it in your home, hotel, or any closed room where you stay for a while as a tourist.
  • Very easy to install and use: slide the battery in, turn the switch on, and put it underneath the door.

TOWODE Upgraded Door Stop Alarm 3-Pack, Door Stoppers Security Alarm with 120 dB - Great Gift for Traveling Hotel Home Apartment Door Stopper Security ToolsYou can find different types of door stoppers and jammers in the market. But, a TOWODE upgraded door stop alarm is unique for its versatility and portability. This device offers you two different things: it stops the door from moving and makes you aware of any attempt of intrusion underway by its high-end sensitivity and alarm system.

In case you switch off the alarm system, the device will still stop the door. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the device being slid away as the base of it is made of synthetic rubber.

Moreover, it has three levels of sensitivity; low, medium, and high. As the low level is sensitivity is enough for making you aware of intruders, the medium and high-level sensitivity offers you, even more, safety and security. The coolest thing is, high sensitivity level responds to even a vibration.

The fun part is, it is so portable that you can take it wherever you go. Sometimes, you may travel across places you’re unfamiliar with, you can put a door stop alarm underneath the door of your hotel, or rest-house. But, the gap between the door and the floor should be 10 to 35 mm. Besides, you need a 1x9V battery to turn the alarm system on.

The installation process, however, takes no time. You just put it underneath the door and rest assured of the safety and security of your house.

10. HOMOTEK 8 Pack Hinge Pin Black Door Stopper

Highlighted Features

  • This is sturdy, yet gentle for the wall. The rubber surface at the two ends of the hinge pin ensures that your walls don’t get damaged.
  • You can attach it to the hinge of your door. It is perfect for places where other types of door stoppers aren’t preferred.
  • Without making any hole on the wall, you can still prevent your door from damaging the wall, or your closet, for example.
  • Easy to install; get the pin off and put the hole in this hardware aligned with the hole of the door’s hinge. Then, insert the pin back.

HOMOTEK 8 Pack Hinge Pin Black Door Stopper - Best Hinge Pin Door StopperWhen other door stoppers take you to make a hole on your wall, this little hinge pin black door stopper doesn’t need any hole to be installed. HOMOTEK brings one of the best hinge door stoppers that provides you with 8 pieces of hinge door stopper package.

The adjustable rubber head screw makes sure that you can open the door as wider as you want. Plus, the metal used here is so sturdy that it wouldn’t break easily. In other words, it would last longer than other fragile door stoppers, especially those that are made with plastic and rubber.

When the rubber head screw prevents the door from moving, the flat end makes sure the wall doesn’t get damaged because of the pressure applied. Moreover, the black hinge pin door stopper matches your black doors and other furniture.

These 8 pack hinge pin black door stoppers are best for interior doors as well as the places where you cannot install a magnetic door stopper. They are easy to install as long as you have a hammer and something to pull off the hinge pin.

So, if you want to use a door stopper without drilling your wall, you can go for this sturdy and simple hinge pin door stopper.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Security Door Stopper

Best Security Door Stopper - Buying Guide

Although door stoppers may sound like a small and insignificant purchase, you still need to consider the following factors to get the best door stopper for security.

Ease of Use

Think of the number of times you or someone in your house pr office use the door. Since it’ll be used on a daily basis and mostly all day long, you want something that’s easy to put in and easy to remove.

Door Measurements

Measure the length of your floor clearance and the frame of the door before you look for a stopper. This will help you choose one that’ll fit perfectly with the door you want to keep open or closed.

Material of Door and Floor

Although most stoppers are compatible with all types of floors, you should still find out which is works best for the floor that you have. It’s also important to consider what the door is made of so that you know how you’ll have to fit the stopper. If it’s a glass door, you can hardly get a stopper that requires drilling screws to secure it.


When you’ve got children in the house, you need to carefully consider any product you buy. Choose a stopper that children cannot easily remove as it might become a safety hazard.


If you’ve got a pet and a pet door on your door, you plan on using the stopper on, then make sure the mechanism doesn’t interfere with the pet door. You also need to consider if you want to use the stopper to keep pets out and whether the stopper will be able to do that.

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FAQs About Security Door Stopper

1. How effective are security door stoppers?

Ans: Security door stoppers are highly effective, given you’ve done the research and have chosen the perfect fit for your door. They can be used effectively to keep a door open or closed when you need and prevents accidents.

2. How many types of door stopper are there?

Ans: Honestly speaking, there are various types of door stoppers and jammers, each specifically designed for a certain purpose.

3. Do door stoppers create problems during emergencies?

Ans: Although door stoppers make it harder for you to open a door if you’ve used it to keep it closed, they use a very simple mechanism and can be removed with one push, pull or slide. So no, a door stopper shouldn’t create any extra hassle making it harder to exit during emergencies.

4. Which type of door stopper is perfect for me?

Ans: It depends on how you’re planning to use it, the material of your door, and the material of your floor. There is a wide range of door stoppers and jammers, and each serves a specific purpose. Consider the buying factors and choose the perfect one for you.

5. Are door stoppers permanent?

Ans: A lot of door stoppers need drilling and screws to attach them to the doors, but there are others like wedge stoppers that are removable.


Door stoppers provide you with peace of mind and added security for your home and office. They’re an essential tool when you have children at home.

Go through our review of the best security door stopper and the buying guide. They will help you in making your decision on which one is the right fit for your door and floor.

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