11 Different Types of Door Stoppers & Their Usage (With Pictures)

You are busy working, and your room’s door is slamming the wall making an annoying noise. That’s not something you want, right? And for this, you have to stop the door from moving. The good option here is to get the best door stopper!

There are tons of door stoppers available in the stores, and you might get into confusion, watching all of them!

So, let’s know about the different types of door stoppers and their works! This will help you to pick up the right bet for you!

Different Types of Door Stoppers

Different Types of Door Stoppers & Some notes on Their Usage

Know the details about 11 different types of door stoppers for various usage & Pick your best one.

Wall Stoppers

wall door stopper

These are one of the very common door stoppers that we all have seen. These are designed more for the wall than the doors. The wall door stoppers help in stopping the door to reach the stopping point of the wall.

As a result, it keeps your wall safe from the push of the door. If you already know about the floor stoppers, then these can be helpful. In some cases, the regular floor stoppers cannot be mounted on the floor.

For the tiles floors or the carpets or any other cause, if you cannot mount the floor stoppers on the floor, the first thing you need to choose is a wall stopper. In some situations, the floor stoppers can cause the risk of an excursion, and as a result, you might need to use wall stoppers.

Wall stoppers are usually mounted on the wall. For these, the highest point of the door is generally checked. All you need to do is check the door-base highest point and then check where this point goes when you open the door wide.

In that position, you have to palace these stoppers. These are constructed with a plastic top or rubber to safeguard the wall and don’t harm the door. There are also chain and hook stoppers in some houses for keeping the door close to the frame.

Baseboard Stoppers

Heavy Duty Baseboard Door Stopper

These are one of the most common door stoppers of the market. These usually include a rubber tip and are connected to the baseboard of the door.

This is usually installed on the back of the door to safeguard the wall. They typically have a spring so that they are flexible. But you will also find the rigid ones if you search.

Spring Stoppers

Spring Door Stopper

These are exactly like the baseboard stoppers with spring facility. A spring mechanism is added to these stoppers. So, the door doesn’t bang on the wall ruining the surface. You can add this to the wall or the baseboard of the door. These type of door stoppers are very flexible and heavy duty door stopper for home and office.

Floor Stoppers

floor mounted door stop - floor door stopper

These are added on the floor to prevent the doors from opening wide and harm the wall. Both the door and the edge of the door can damage the wall. With the help of a floor stopper, you can easily prevent it.

The floor stoppers are constructed with little metal arches and installed into the floor under the door. In some houses, there are added chains with the floor stoppers and also magnets. These can easily hold the door along with stopping it.

You can settle for the rubber wedges too. These are installed on the floor.

These floors mounted door stops are usually used in the businesses. But you can also use them at home if your door goes through a high-traffic application.

Door Closers

Automatic Door Closer

If you live in a modern house, you might have seen these types of door stopper already. These door stoppers are known as closers because they can automatically close the door (it is better to say NATURALLY.)

It is designed to keep the hydraulic pressure in mind so that you can address it as a hydraulic gadget. After you open the door, this hydraulic gadget will help the door to close naturally by taking it back to its previous place.

It is crafted with metal. You can add one part of this metal closer to the door and the other one to the frame or edge of the door. It will look like a steel arm and will connect the one body of the door with the frame.

If you settle for the discretionary stop arms, you will be able to change them to prevent the door from opening after a specific area. There are both pressure-type stoppers and only metal-catch style stoppers; choose the one that you think you need!

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Magnetic Stoppers

Magnetic door stoppers

If you want to go for a flexible yet versatile option, you can pick up the magnetic stoppers. These are usually floor mounted.

But in some situations, you can mount them on the baseboard too. The magnetic power will keep the door wide open until you forcibly close it. For aesthetic and decorative homes, these are the best stoppers among different types of door stoppers.

Hinge Pin Stoppers

Hinge Pin Door Stop - Hinge Pin door stopper

This name is often heard as a door stopper because the name is cool. But if you check out the facilities, you will find that this stopper is practical for use!

These are named in this manner because you need to add this to the hinge of your door. You will not need any door hardware to add this to the wall.

Hook Stoppers

Hook Stoppers

These door stopper types are added to the floor so that it can prevent your door from moving. To install this, you will need an extra eyelet added to the bottom of the door. If you need to keep the door open for a more extended period, these can be helpful.

Security Door Stoppers

Security Door Stops - Security door stopper

These are the best choices if you want to add any door stopper on the front door or any exterior door. This door stopper for security is specially designed for the exterior area.

With the help of these stoppers, you will prevent the door from opening from the outer side. From the inside, you can easily open the door. In some doors like these, there is a magnetic mechanism added with it. But mostly, these doors are constructed with cast iron or rubber.

Sliding Stopper

Sliding Security Door Stopper

If you have a pocket door in any room, you can use the sliding stoppers for them. As the name says, you can also install it on the sliding doors.

These are mounted on the wall and are usually concealed so that it is not visible. These are designed for lessening the shock of the pocket or sliding sopors. For the cabinet doors, you can use them.

Door chocks

Door Chocks - Hinge Pin door stopper

If you are searching for an alternative to door stoppers, you can settle for the door chocks too.

These will hand on the door hinge and help you keep the door away from any slamming. The best part is, you can get them in several colors. These can be a fantastic choice for the kid’s room.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for different types of door stoppers for your house, reading this will help you to the fullest.

Check out all these door stoppers before you pick up one. All of them can help you keep your door in a specific position!

Let us know which door stopper you love the most. Also, mention what you are going to buy next!

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