6 Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera Reviews – Updated 2023

by Vincent Foster

Buying the best alarm clock spy camera means it will allow you to keep an eye on your children, property, or workplace even when you’re away from them. In many situations, this incredible surveillance camera may be the best way of monitoring everything. As they are tiny in size, you may have difficulty finding them. You can also simply place it anyplace and it will appear less suspicious.

However, there are lots of brands available in the market. Among all those brands, choosing a worthy one is harder than it looks.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top six best alarm clock spy cameras to fulfill your requirements. Let’s dive in

Quick Summary of Top 6 Best Spy Camera Clock

Best Hidden Spy Alarm Clock Camera With Night Vision:  YuanFan Spy Alarm Clock Camera

Full HD1080P, 160°Wide-Angle, Wireless, Motion Detection, Night Vision 33ft, 2 powerful 850IR far-infrared light.

Best HD Spy Camera Clock With Motion Detection: GooSpy Hidden Wireless Spy Camera

8 pieces Invisible 940nm IR LED lights, 2.4G Wi-Fi network, 120-degree field of view, Live Streaming, Support snapshot.

Best Spy Camera Wall Clock: AMCSXH HD 1080P Spy Hidden Wall Clock Camera

90° Wide Angle, AVI Video Format, 5000mAh Battery Capacity,1080P Video Resolution, Android/iOS Operating System, 32GB Micro SD/TF card.

Best Hidden Camera Clock For Home And Office: DareTang Hidden Camera Clock

5M infrared Night Vision, 150° wide-angle lens, Motion Detection, Loop Recording, Wireless, 64GB TF Card, 1920x1080P Video Resolution.

Best Alarm Clock Spy Camera With Audio: LINSCAM Wireless Wi-Fi Spy Camera

1080p HD Audio Live Feed, 128G Micro SD card, 5M infrared Night Vision, Two-Way Audio,  Motion Detection, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Best Hidden Camera Clock for Bedroom: Swayfer Tech Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

1080P HD resolution, ultra-wide 145-degree view, Superior Image Clarity, Motion Detection, Loop Recording, 128GB SD memory card.

Top 6 Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera Reviews in 2023

 Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera Reviews
Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera Reviews

Nowadays, most of the best alarm clock spy cameras feature advanced technology. Additionally, alarm clock spy cameras are difficult to detect due to their small size. To make finding a hidden alarm clock camera easier for you, here is a list of 6 of the best mini spy camera clock to meet up your requirements. Continue reading and have fun!

1. YuanFan  Hidden Spy Alarm Clock Camera with Stronger Night Vision 

Highlighted Features

  • 2 far-infrared night vision LEDs (850IR).
  • Viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • Image processing technique in HD1080P, 2K, and 4K.
  • Equipped with a motion detection sensor
  • Supports both 2.4G and 5G networks
Hidden Spy Alarm Clock Camera With Stronger Night Vision YuanFan Full HD1080P Wireless WiFi Smart Nanny Cam Motion Detection 160°Wide-Angle Fisheye Lens IP Remote Security Camera(2.4G And 5G)
Hidden Spy Alarm Clock Camera With Stronger Night Vision YuanFan Full HD1080P Wireless WiFi Smart Nanny Cam Motion Detection 160°Wide-Angle Fisheye Lens IP Remote Security Camera(2.4G And 5G)

YuanFan’s clock camera is regarded as one of the best hidden spy alarm clock camera with night vision. It has an amazing night vision range of 33 feet. It simply uses two strong 850IR far-infrared night vision LEDs as a time indication. The camera offers a high-definition night vision feature and even a decent sound quality. It has been programmed to convert to night mode automatically. 

Also, the camera is difficult to locate because of its fish-eye night vision lenses as well as infrared LEDs. This mini camera comes with HD(1080P), 2K, or even 4K image processing technologies with a 160-degree wide-angle of view. As a result, it can provide you with a clearer and better expansive view of all details. 

A motion-detecting sensor is included in this hidden camera. It will send an alert without wasting a second to your smartphone whenever any activity is detected.

Meanwhile, it has the appearance of a standard table clock. With the fashionable and classy touch button, it become simple to use. The spy camera’s Wi-Fi works on both 2.4G and 5G networks.

This wireless hidden camera clock supports Android and IOS, you can download the APP on your cell phone. Even the live video can be remotely viewed via iPhone/ iPad/ Android phone in real-time. You just need to insert the Micro SD card into the camera and turn it on. It will auto record full HD videos.

2. GooSpy Hidden Camera Wireless Indoor Spy Camera

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 8 pieces of invisible 940nm IR LED lights.
  • App-based live streaming is available.
  • Featuring a 120-degree range of wide view
  • Working with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
GooSpy Hidden Camera Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock Indoor Temperature Display HD 1080P Nanny Camera Night Vision Motion Detection Alarm & Record Remote Access Via Android/iOS App
GooSpy Hidden Camera Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock Indoor Temperature Display HD 1080P Nanny Camera Night Vision Motion Detection Alarm & Record Remote Access Via Android/iOS App

The GooSpy Hidden Camera has HD 1080P resolution as well as Night Vision to offer you supreme convenience. A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network can also be used to link your concealed clock camera. When you’re not at home, you’ll be able to watch live videos from afar using the free app. 

This camera has excellent motion detection capability too. It will send an alert to your smartphone once it detects any movement. It may also record the activity period to simplify the process. As a result, you’ll never have to be concerned when you’re gone from home. 

Moreover, you can also use the SD Card settings to make an alarming video. Whenever an activity is detected, your spy camera will record a quick video and store it on a Micro SD card. 

This hidden spy clock camera can record high-quality images thanks to its eight invisible 940nm IR LED LEDs. This wireless spy camera monitors your home, workplace, or company throughout the day. It features a 120-degree angle to capture a wide view.

You will be amazed to know that this camera has the function to operate through your smartphone. It’s as simple as downloading the app and connecting it to your smartphone. Meanwhile, it can handle day and night snapshots, timed records, alarm records, continuous records, and loop records.

Overall, this best HD spy camera clock with motion detection is equipped with cutting-edge technologies. It can, for example, keep track of the current temperature in the surroundings. It features two separate alarm clocks that you can program. All you have to do is turn on or off the clock’s touchscreen display. 

3. AMCSXH HD 1080P Spy Hidden Wall Clock Camera For Home and Office

Highlighted Features

  • Once anything is spotted, send 3 quick photographs.
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • capable of live-streaming video from any location
  • Support 32 GB SD card for recording.
  • Offers 5000mAh Battery Capacity 
AMCSXH HD 1080P Spy Hidden Wall Clock Camera For Home And Office
AMCSXH HD 1080P Spy Hidden Wall Clock Camera For Home And Office

It appears to be a regular clock, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. In my words, this is the best spy camera wall clock that can assist you in assuring the security of your properties by monitoring those 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

It may either be hung on the wall or placed on a table, depending on your preferences. If you’re concerned about the safety of your house simply install this clock camera in your home. It will operate on its own. 

Motion detection is also available with this camera. It is programmed to send an alert to your cellphone as soon as it identifies a moving item. This isn’t the last word on the subject. It will take three quick pictures and deliver them to you with the alert message.

You can simply install this spy camera in your bedroom, office, or reading room. You can keep an eye on things from anywhere with a 90° angle view. Even if you are stuck on something and away from home, then enjoy the live-stream option. The only thing you have to do is connect it to the internet through Wi-Fi. If you are a novice user, you will have no trouble operating it.

The SD card may be used to record as well. Simply insert a 32GB memory card into the camera. Besides that, after booting it will capture a video every 180 seconds. It’s convenient and easy to install the system through an app on your smartphone.

4. DareTang Hidden Camera Clock, HD 1080P Wi-Fi Alarm Clock Camera

Highlighted Features

  • Feature with Motion Detective Recording
  • Infrared night vision is available
  • Deliver high-quality footage with a 1080P lens.
  • Maximum TF Card capacity is 64GB.
  • Wi-Fi IP Networking System is included
Hidden Camera Clock,HD 1080P WiFi Alarm Clock Camera With Night Vision/Motion Detection/Loop Recording Wireless Security Camera,Monitor Video Recorder Nanny Cam No Audio
Hidden Camera Clock,HD 1080P WiFi Alarm Clock Camera With Night Vision/Motion Detection/Loop Recording Wireless Security Camera,Monitor Video Recorder Nanny Cam No Audio

Introducing the best hidden camera clock for home and office. That’s right, it looks like an ordinary clock, and no one can easily detect the camera lens as it is concealed beneath the glossy display. It features a 150-degree angle, allowing you to view a large area instantaneously

Moreover, it comes with a 1080P high resolution to give you crystal clear footage of everything. Thus you will face no problem once it detects any suspect or activity.  With its exclusive Romeifly spy camera, you won’t have to worry about anything going missing.

Meanwhile, this Wi-Fi concealed camera has a sophisticated 2.0MP image sensor that captures full HD video with perfect color reproduction. The superior 120° wide-angle professional quality lens, creates a big coverage view to watch.

Therefore, it has an exceptional 5M infrared night vision. As a result, even in a dark setting, you can easily watch everything. In addition, when movement occurs, your smartphone will receive an alert with pictures. Simply you have to install the Application on your device to view the information in detail.

The Micro SD card must be inserted into the slot before the device is turned on. It’s been programmed to begin recording on its own. Once the storage is full, it can automatically overwrite the documents.

Finally, this wireless spy camera has the access to work through the internet. As an outcome, you’ll be able to watch the video footage live if you are far away from home. All you have to do is install the application as well as follow the directions.

5. LINSCAM Wireless Wi-Fi Spy Camera Clock With with 1080p HD Audio Live Feed

Highlighted Features

  • Micro SD card compatibility up to 128GB
  • Feature with intelligent motion detection alerts
  • Equipped with a 5M infrared night vision system
  • A two-way audio system included
  • Compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi
LINSCAM Hidden Camera Clock Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Nanny Cam With 1080p HD Audio Live Feed, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Camera Alarm Clock For Home/Office Security
LINSCAM Hidden Camera Clock Wireless WiFi Spy Camera Nanny Cam With 1080p HD Audio Live Feed, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Camera Alarm Clock For Home/Office Security
Check latest price

Here is another stunning spy camera that is perfect for use in your workplace, home, or office. It is easily disguised as a regular clock. The most astounding feature of its concealed lens, which is covered by a shiny display. It is capable of secretly capturing in the background without attracting anyone’s attention. 

Moreover, it has exceptional 5M infrared night vision so that you can observe everything even in low-light conditions.

You will be surprised to know that this system comes with a built-in microphone as well as a speaker.  So if you are sitting in your office or car no matter where, with its two-way audio functions, you can easily communicate with your family.  Furthermore, you can use to evict persons easily who are not allowed, such as invaders.

Another feature worth noting is that this camera supports 2.4GHz. You can enjoy the live streaming option simply by connecting it to the internet. To use the feature, you must first download the app and read the instructions carefully. Then you can monitor anything from your device or smartphone. 

It comes with a sophisticated motion detection feature too. When the device detects movement, it will send you a warning message. To achieve the best results, place the Micro SD card in the slot then turn it on. After that, the camera will begin recording automatically. It has been configured to overwrite the documents from oldest to newest once the memory capacity is full.

Micro SD cards with a maximum capacity of 128GB are supported in this spy camera. Even the manufacturing company offers a 60-day risk-free trial, and 24-hour technical support service to assist you with any difficulties. Overall, this is the best alarm clock spy camera with audio at this price range.

6. Swayfer Tech Hidden Camera Alarm Clock – 1080P Night Vision Camera with Motion Detection

Highlighted Features

  • Superb durability as well as night vision functions.
  • The viewing angle is ultra-wide at 145 degrees.
  • SD memory cards up to 128GB are supported.
  • With a 1080P HD resolution that can be adjusted.
  • Comes with loop recording along with a motion detection system
Swayfer Tech Hidden Camera Alarm Clock
Swayfer Tech Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Swayfer Tech concealed cameras for home safety are the ideal choice for improving security in your house or business. It is known for its superior image clarity.  With a 1080p HD resolution, you will get outstanding picture quality. It is simple to connect to your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is connect it to the plug then enjoy the user-friendly technology. 

The super-wide 145-degree viewing angle will cover a broad area without any hassle. This wireless clock camera features a subtle, modest appearance that looks like a traditional alarm clock. 

However, you would not be concerned about loud noises or flashing lights revealing the camera’s identity. Especially if you are engaged in something and away from the family, just put this clock camera in your residence. It will run on its own.

There are several recording modes available on this powerful spy camera. It has features such as loop recording and motion detection. Its cutting-edge technology is adaptable to a wide range of requirements. You can use up to 128 GB SD memory card in this clock camera. 

Meanwhile, it has outstanding durability and dependable night vision. If you are worried about your family member while working outside, you can simply set it in your house. 

Not only that, use the camera in your bedroom, living room, or study room to keep an eye on everything and make your home a safer place for them!

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera 

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera 
Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Hidden Alarm Clock Spy Camera 

It is not smart to buy a concealed camera clock randomly. Certainly, there are a few elements that will affect you while you have decided to get one. To make a good purchasing decision, you must have a firm grasp of all of them. 

The following buying guide will make the entire procedure much easier to understand. The following features are important to consider.

Camera Resolution

When it comes to choosing a clock spy camera, video resolution should be at the top of your priority. You’ll receive a clean, flawless, and accurate picture of the footage while using a high-definition camera. 

Otherwise, you will never know what happened at that time. It’s particularly important once you’re trying to identify a suspect who has been caught on video.

To record the actual video, you should pick clock cameras that have a resolution of 1080p HD or higher if feasible. In the meantime, a 720p resolution will be sufficient.

Design And Size

Secondly, you must ensure that the clock seems to be a regular clock. The size of the clock camera, as well as its design, is crucially important. A wall clock is an excellent alternative for keeping the camera placed on the wall for a long period. Aside from that, any desk clock can fulfill the requirements.

Wide area surveillance clock cameras can be seen easily and become a challenge sometimes. Similarly, stay away from cameras with questionable or unusual designs.

Therefore, while purchasing, carefully check the device to see if the camera lens is noticeable or not.

Night Vision

Before making a purchase, make sure the clock camera features night vision technology as well as infrared LED lights. As you never know when you’ll need to record anything. If the spy camera has a night mode that indicates it can record surveillance footage in low-light situations or at nighttime. Therefore, your spy camera must be capable of recording footage in low light or a completely dark environment.

Motion Detection

The motion detection feature is another crucial factor you should look into in your camera.  When it detects undesired things or individuals entering the monitoring area, it begins recording. It may also provide alert warnings and photos of the current situation. As a result, you may remain tension free. 

Access to the Internet

While buying your clock spy camera, you should check the internet connection. As technology advances, most of them have a wireless Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet connector. 

Even, you’ll have the chance to customize your preferences. It allows you to control and monitor your system from afar using your smartphone. Through the internet connection, you can view live streaming from anywhere.

Source of Energy

You can easily get spy cameras that are powered by a rechargeable battery as well as AC electricity. It is entirely up to you to decide which one is most suitable for your home or office usage. Be sure to choose a spy camera that works flawlessly with your space’s power system.


High-end models as well as below-average cameras both are available on the market. You should thoroughly examine all of the available options. However, keep in mind that advanced and premium features might be costly at times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spy Camera Clock

1. Can you use spy clock camera without wifi?

Some spy camera clocks do not require Wi-Fi to operate. In such situations, the spy clock camera capture footage using a 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE mobile data plan.

2. Can hidden clock spy cameras work in dark?

Nowadays, most spy clock cameras feature infrared (IR) lights. As a benefit, they can record everything even in low-light situations. The human eye cannot see infrared light, however a spy camera capable of taking footage throughout the darkness.

3. Is it legal to use the spy clock camera to capture audio?

Naturally, yes. Some of the manufacturing companies offer spy clock cameras with audio recording capabilities. However, due to some states’ or nations’ laws, audio voices cannot be captured since it is prohibited there.

4. What is the life expectancy of wireless spy camera clocks?

Ans: Generally, a spy clock camera may typically give 1 to 3 hours of battery life. Some spy clocks have a battery life of longer than three hours. But in most circumstances, it may function in standby mode for up to 10 days. However, this timescale can only be met if the camera is not utilized at all.

5. Is having a spy camera clock illegal?

Having a spy camera in your house to monitor babysitters or nannies is lawful. In most circumstances, using a spy camera to invade someone’s privacy is forbidden. However, the rules may differ depending on which state or nation you live in.


Getting the best alarm clock spy camera can be difficult sometimes as there are a lot of variations available on the market. So, which alarm clock spy camera is the best for you? Hopefully, our review of the six best hidden alarm clock spy cameras might assist you in choosing the right one. All of these cameras have their own unique features that may appeal to you depending on your needs.

Remember to consider what type of spying you will be doing and what features are most important to you before making your purchase. And as always, stay safe and informed while using your spy camera! Thanks for reading. We hope you found it helpful!

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