5 Best Mini Spy Camera Reviews & Buyer’s Guide – 2023

by Vincent Foster

Crime can never be predicted. However, you can always be protected from crime. Due to advancements in technology now, we are much more secure than we used to be in the past.

The best example of this is spy cameras. You don’t need to be using a spy camera only to spy on someone, as the name suggests. It was made to catch criminals red-handed and to expose a scam as well.

So, to protect your home, you should get the very best mini spy camera.

Read our reviews to find the best the best one.

Our Recommended Top 5 Mini Spy Camera at a Glance

Here are the products that we found to be the best in the spy camera category. Read on to know their top features.

Overall Best: Fadeplex Hidden Mini Spy Camera

High Definition video quality of 1080p, crystal clear sound quality, live monitoring feature, very reasonable price compare to the features, Night vision and motion-detecting feature with real-time notification.

Runner Up: Divineeagle Hidden Spy Camera Charger

Nearly impossible to identify or to be detected with the spycam, keeps track of all kinds of actions and sends alerts, does not stop recording even if the memory of the camera is full; it can also be used as a charger if needed, Wifi connection is not necessary.

Best Memory Support: ONZPUCO Spy Camera Pen 1080P 

A 32 GB memory card, charging is very fast due lithium battery, Charger comes with the camera, Can record up to 150 minutes of footage after charged fully, High definition camera quality of 1080p.

Best Camouflage Feature: Mini Hidden Spy Pen Camera 1080P HD

Everything needed to operate comes free with the camera, takes only half an hour to be fully charged, comes with 5 sets of ink refills; both still images and video can be captured with this camera that too in HD quality.

Best Size: OUCAM Mini Wireless Spy Cam 1080P HD

Very easy to carry and hide due to the small size, Has an app feature that can be used to give commands and also monitor real-time footage, Smart motion detection feature which notifies you instantly if any suspicious activity takes place, high memory capacity, allows you to record 24/7 on repeat.

Top 5 Best Mini Spy Camera Reviews 2023

Top 5 Best Mini Spy Camera Reviews 2023
Top 5 Best Mini Spy Camera Reviews 2023

With the finest mini spy camera in your hand, you can do a lot of things. You can use it in your home and offices as well. The benefits are enormous. That is why we have reviewed some of the top mini spy cameras in the market.

1. Fadeplex Hiddеn Mini Camеra with Vidеo Livе Feеd with Cеll Phonе App – 1080Р HD

Highlighted Features

  • 1080p video and crisp, clear audio quality
  • Has a live feed feature to help you broadcast and record at the same time
  • Quite affordable in comparison to other spy cams in the market
  • Night vision and motion-detecting feature with live alerts
Fadeplex Hiddеn Mini Camеra With Vidеo Livе Feеd With Cеll Phonе App - 1080Р HD- Best Hidden Spy Camera
Fadeplex Hiddеn Mini Camеra With Vidеo Livе Feеd With Cеll Phonе App - 1080Р HD- Best Hidden Spy Camera

When it comes to spying cameras, one other thing that we look for besides the obvious discreetness is the video and audio quality.

Sometimes, if the video and audio of something that you recorded are not clear, the recorded content becomes useless. It can be a complete waste of time if the video is inaudible.

That is why this is on top of our list as the best hidden spy camera. The spy camera from Fadeplex has amazing 1080p video quality. With that, you also get crystal clear audio. You can understand every word that is being uttered in the video, no need for any lip-reading or guessing words through the mumbled audio.

The unit also offers a live feed option where you can broadcast the content you are recording live on any screen. A feature like such is added in very high-quality spy cameras, which cost thousands of dollars. Whereas you are getting the Fadeplex for a fraction of the cost.

Other features that make this spy one of our favorite picks is the night vision camera and the motion detection feature. These are great features if you want to use the spy cam as security of the nanny cam in your house.

2. DIVINEEAGLE USB Charger Spy Camera – Hidden Mini Spy Cam Full HD 

Highlighted Features

  • Impossible to detect or get caught with the spycam
  • Records all kinds of motions and sends alerts
  • Does not stop recording even if the SD card is full
  • Can be used as a charger as well
  • No Wi-Fi needed for the camera’s operation
DIVINEEAGLE USB Charger Spy Camera - Hidden Mini Spy Cam Full HD  - Best USB Charger Spy Camera
DIVINEEAGLE USB Charger Spy Camera - Hidden Mini Spy Cam Full HD  - Best USB Charger Spy Camera

As mentioned before, being discreet is one of the main features that you need in a spy cam. Therefore getting a spy cam that is disguised in the form of a USB charger is a very smart thing to buy.

Divineeagle has done a great job in hiding the camera in this USB charger. You can plug this onto any power outlet in your house that is in an open area, and it will keep on recording its surroundings as long as you want it to.

While it does the recording, it also charges your phone quite quickly. Undoubtedly this is the best USB charger spy camera.

You do not need to make any kind of adjustments or set up to get this thing going. All you need is a micro SD card inserted, and it will start recording the content in it. We love the micro SD card recording feature because this means you will still have footage even if the internet in your house stops for a while.

When full, the SD card does not stop recording. It overwrites the oldest videos so that you still have access to the new footage.

3. ONZPUCO Mini Spy Camera Pen – Hidden Camera with 150 Minutes Pen Battery Life

Highlighted Features

  • 32 GB memory card included with purchase
  • Lithium battery charges quite quickly
  • Charger included with the purchased unit
  • Gives you 150 minutes of footage with one charge
  • Can take pictures in 1080p quality
ONZPUCO Mini Spy Camera Pen - Hidden Camera With 150 Minutes Pen Battery Life - Best Spy Pen Camera
ONZPUCO Mini Spy Camera Pen - Hidden Camera With 150 Minutes Pen Battery Life - Best Spy Pen Camera

Spycams in the form of pens are a classic. You can rarely go wrong with it.

To make your life easier, ONZPUCO includes a 32 GB memory card with your purchase. There is no need to buy this separately. Just insert the card, and it will start recording in just one click. With the ability to record videos in a loop, there is a lower risk of the card getting corrupted.

With one charge, the pen can record 150 minutes worth of video. This should be enough for recording a meeting or a class.

The battery in the camera pen is rechargeable as well. It’s a lithium-ion battery that is quick to charge. And the charging cable and all other necessary tools are included with your purchase. This is the best spy pen camera if you want a quick solution.

All you have to do to start the recording is long-press the button on the pen. Then the pen will start recording in 1080p. You can also use the pen to take pictures in the same 1080p quality.

Because the pen is so small and petite in size, you can fit it into any place quite easily.

4. Mini Spy Camera 1080P HD 150 Min Battery Life with 32GB Memory for Business Conference and Security

Highlighted Features

  • All tools included with the purchase
  • Fully charged in about half an hour, which is pretty quick
  • 5 ink refills included so that you can use the cam as a pen
  • Can take still pictures and videos of 1080p HD quality
Mini Spy Camera 1080P HD 150 Min Battery Life With 32GB Memory For Business Conference And Security - Best Battery-powered Spy Cam
Mini Spy Camera 1080P HD 150 Min Battery Life With 32GB Memory For Business Conference And Security - Best Battery-powered Spy Cam

Here is another spy camera pen that we are sure works wonders. The HD 1080p video quality will always give you footage that you can use anywhere. There is no comprise when it comes to the quality of the content recorded, as this is one of the main parts of the work at hand.

It’s a battery-powered spy cam that you can recharge and use again and again. The lithium-ion battery is fully charged in just about half an hour. You can then use the pen for 150 minutes on a fully charged battery.

There is only one operation button, so the pen is really easy to use. There are no complications here. So if you are in a hurry, you can just long-press the button, and it will start recording.

You can also use this pen to take still pictures if needed. The size of the pen makes it the best small spy camera as it is really hard to spot.

5 ink fills are added with your purchase so that you can use the pen for writing as well. Using the pen to write stuff from time to time makes the spycam less suspicious.

5. OUCAM Spy Camera Mini Hidden Camera 1080P Wireless Spy Cam

Highlighted Features

  • Very small and compact in size to avoid suspicion
  • Can be connected to an app to control features and get a live feed
  • Motion detection system sends you instant push notifications if unusual activity is detected
  • Sd card records 24/7 loop videos
OUCAM Spy Camera Mini Hidden Camera 1080P Wireless Spy Cam - Best Wireless Spy Camera
OUCAM Spy Camera Mini Hidden Camera 1080P Wireless Spy Cam - Best Wireless Spy Camera

Having a Small camera around in your house can be very helpful if you have a maid or a nanny coming into your home often. Smaller cameras are better because it is harder for you to spot them.

This one from Oucam is very tiny in size. Therefore you can rarely spot it on the wall.

Like most other high-quality spy cameras, this one too is battery-operated. You can charge the spy cam from time to time to reuse the camera.

You can install an app to get a live feed of the footage that is being recorded at home. Add an sd card to the camera to keep and store these recordings. When the card becomes full, the camera replaces the oldest footage with new ones.

The 400 mAh battery will run for 100 minutes on a full battery.

Motion detection system sends you a push notification once it detects unusual activities. It is the best wireless spy camera that will make you feel protected and secured at all times.

Facts to Consider Before Buying the Best Mini Spy Camera

Facts To Consider Before Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera
Facts To Consider Before Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera

Now while you select a spy mini camera for yourself, you should consider some things which will help to pick the best one. Here, you will get to know about them.


There are lots of cameras on the market, and they all come in different sizes. In the case of a mini spy camera, the size matters a lot. You will be buying this camera for a specific reason.

You need to keep it in a specific place that you have planned to keep it. For example, you have planned to hide the camera in a wall clock. You have doubts that your employee is involved with some unethical activities, and you want you to catch him or her red-handed.

Therefore the clock would be the best place to place the camera as he or she will not notice it and will not be cautious of getting caught in the camera. Now after buying the camera that it does not fit the wall clock you were planning the put the camera in. Your whole plan and your money will go to waste. So make sure you check the size of the camera.


The video quality of the camera is also very important. Regardless of whether it is a spy camera, a CCTV camera, or a DSLR camera. You want the camera to capture a good quality photo.

In the case of mini spy, it more important because the video will act as proof against the crime. For example, you have bought a camera. You have set it up, and now you are waiting for any unusual activity.

One day you were missing some money from your wallet or drawer. You check the camera. Your someone is taking your money; however, due to bad video quality, you can’t see the face of the culprit. That will be sadder than not knowing who took stole from you. The camera will come to no use; it will only add more to your loss. So make sure your camera has good video quality.


In the case of any camera, the memory for the camera is very important. Especially if it is a spy camera. This is because you will not be checking it quite often. You will keep it in a place and expect it to keep recording.

So, in case what will happen is that there is a high possibility the memory getting full. The camera might not be able to store the video you might need. Spy cameras come in many different storage options. Some have memory cards, and some depend on cloud storage. So choose the one which will be convenient for you.

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FAQs About Mini Spy Camera

1. Is it legal to wear a hidden camera?

Hidden cameras are legal in most of the world. For example, in the USA is legal to wear a hidden camera. However, you should check if the country you are in allows hidden cameras or not; it might be legal or illegal depending on the country.

2. Where do you hide a mini spy camera?

Where you hide you hide your hidden camera is completely up to you. The place will depend on the thing you want to catch on camera or the person. However, hiding a camera in the wall clock is very common, so you can try that out.

You May Check a Detailed Review Here:  Best Alarm Clock Spy Camera

3. Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

Depends on the phone. If the phone has a feature that allows it to detect, then definitely it can detect hidden cameras. However, this feature is not that common in cell phones. If you want to detect hidden cameras, then there are specific devices that are made for detecting hidden cameras you can give it a shot.

4. How do you hide a camera in plain sight?

This is very easy. All you need to do is first analyze the place. Then pick something which is very for that to have like a cereal box in kitchen or smoke detector incorporate places or simply a wall clock.

5. How long do hidden cameras record?

It varies from camera to camera. Some cameras depend on memory cards, and some depend on cloud storage. But in general, a hidden camera can record up to 1 hr or more.

Final Words

A spy camera helps in many ways. It helps you to keep a record or proof of the crime. The best part is the person committing some unethical activities will be unaware of the fact that they are on camera. That will reveal their true selves. So, get the best mini spy camera for yourself and be safe and secure.

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