How to Choose a Torch Light for Security Guard – The Ultimate Guide

by Vincent Foster

Security is the most important thing for your workplace and home. This is why you appoint highly trained persons as security guards. But if the guards are not well-equipped in terms of security gear such as an LED tactical flashlight and other essential things, they cannot properly perform their duty. 

So, it is in the best of your interest to equip them with a tactical flashlight and everything they need to defend you and your properties. Now you may wonder how to choose a torch light for a security guard. 

Well, this article will help you focus on the key features of a torchlight so that you can find the best torch for your security guard.

How To Choose A Torch Light For Security Guard
How To Choose A Torch Light For Security Guard

Types of Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights are used for both general and special purposes including chasing down a criminal or guarding your house and property at night. There are several types of tactical flashlights such as headlamps, electronic lanterns, spotlights, and weapon lights. But not all of these are suitable for a security guard.

However, you can buy an LED rechargeable tactical flashlight that is very bright and durable. Here are two more types of tactical flashlights, at a glance.

  • EDC flashlights: These flashlights are lightweight and compact; easy to hold and carry. EDC or Everyday carry lights are not so much suitable for a guard who stands or sit outside your property. However, he can use it in a special moment when he isn’t able to hold on a full-size torch.
  • Full Size Tactical Flashlights: These flashlights are very much like the standard police flashlights and you can buy one or more for your security guards. They offers tremendous brightness and their beams reach great distances. Plus, they are sturdy and strong. Hence, a security guard can rely on its overall performance and durability.

How to Choose a Torch Light for Security Guard?

How To Choose A Torch Light For Security Guard?
How To Choose A Torch Light For Security Guard?

There are certain features that dictate whether or not the flashlight could perform the best and last for a long time. Among them are the beam distance, battery life, bulb time, and materials used in making its body parts. 

Consider the following things before buying an LED tactical flashlight:

Light Output

A tactical flashlight has to offer tremendous brightness and illuminate a large area. Besides, its light has to reach a great distance so that you can see who goes and come from their respective directions. Instead of watts, light output is measured in lumens (lm) nowadays. Look for a light that produces higher amount of lumens. 

Beam Distance

Beam distance is another important thing when choosing a flashlight. Wider beams illuminate a large area but do go far distances. On the other hand, a narrow beam may not light up a wide area, but it can reach far distances. Accordingly, if the beam is very much focused, it is likely to reach a far distance and light up a narrow area. 

Most flashlights include a lens and bezel. They help you widen or narrow the focal point and thus the torch lights up things around and ahead. 

Bulb Type

There were not many options for bulbs. Incandescent and xenon were the only available options on the market. But they did not perform as great as an LED bulb does nowadays. But those bulbs were not any cheap either. 

However, now you have LED bulbs that are brighter, yet cheaper. Plus, they do not get hot as quickly as incandescent and xenon used to. So, when it comes to bulb type, LED is the single most reliable option.

Battery Life

Since you are looking for a torchlight for security guards, you will probably want something that has longer battery life. Battery life depends on how bright the light is and how much time you keep it turned on. 

A flashlight can use its energy in two ways: regulated, or unregulated.

  • Regulated: Regulated system maintains a consistent brightness before it suddenly turns off. In other words, the brightness remains the same all the time. But there is no way you can tell when the battery dies. Some lights even have modes where you can control the brightness in three options: High, Medium, and Low.
  • Unregulated: Unregulated system does the opposite of its counterpart. When the battery is fully charged, you can see the light at its brightest. At the battery starts draining, the brightness also gets dimmer over time, eventually leaving you in darkness. 

There are different types of batteries as well. But a rechargeable battery remains the best option for those who use their torch on a daily basis.


Since the flashlight will be on a daily basis, you want to buy a strong and durable one. Durability, however, depends on the materials used in it. There are plastic-made flashlights that can easily break in case they fall on a hard surface. 

Aluminum construction is lightweight and stronger than plastic, yet not the best option in terms of durability. So, now you are left with two more options: Stainless steel and Titanium. 

Stainless steel is a common material to use in flashlights. Although it is heavier than Titanium-built ones, it is strong and impact-resistant. Plus, it is not so expensive either. On the other hand, titanium construction is lightweight and robust. If you are not a budget, you can absolutely rely on the titanium-built flashlight. Nonetheless, a stainless steel flashlight can also be a smart choice.

Water Resistance

In a number of scenarios, a flashlight can come in contact with water that can damage your flashlight. So, it is better to buy a water-resistant flashlight to avoid the risk of potential damage. Look at the IXP rating of flashlights to find the water-resistant one. The higher the IXP rating is, the better the flashlight is in terms of water resistance.  

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Last Words

A strong, bright, and far-reaching flashlight is what every security guard needs. Not only does it show his way, but it also works as a defense tool sometimes. So, when you buy a torch for this purpose, you have to look at every feature that makes it brighter and strong. Plus, long battery life is also important as the guard needs it the whole night. 

Now that you have found almost everything about how to choose a torch for a security guard, it is only a few clicks away from you. Choose smart and be safe!

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