A Detailed Guide How To Measure Front Door in 6 Easy Steps

by Vincent Foster

The work of the doors is safeguarding the rooms. However, the front doors of a house safeguard all the rooms inside. And so, you must go for the right door when you plan to replace the previous one.

But, in this case, before you buy, you have to understand how to measure a door. Measuring doors can be confusing because people don’t understand if they need to measure it with the frame. Also, there are confusions regarding the old doors.

Here, we will solve all the troubles you face while measuring the front door of your house. Check it out for the perfect evaluation of how to measure front door?

How To Measure Front Door
How To Measure Front Door

Step By Step Guide for Measuring Front Door

This step-by-step guide will help you measure the front door dimensions without any glitch. If you are renovating your house, this can be very helpful for you!

Step 1: Measuring the Width

Measuring The Door Width
Measuring The Door Width

First of all, you have to start measuring the width of the door. We always recommend you start the process from the left side and then move to the right part. Here you will need a measuring tape for this process.

Take the tape and hold it on one side of the door and then take the tape all the way down to the other side. You should measure the center part. People often make a mistake of measuring the width with the other gears added to the door.

Do not repeat the same mistake because this will make the whole process useless. Eliminate the gears like the weather-stipping or the knob of the door. It is better to choose a place to measure where there is no blockage.

If you are working with modern doors, things might be simple for you. But if you have older door models, things can be a little complicated. With the modern doors, you can easily measure just one part of the door, and with this measurement, you can guess the width of the whole body.

Note: But if you have an older model, the measurements of all the locations of the door’s body will not be the same. So, it is always a better idea to take the measurements of more than one location. With most of the old door models, there is a problem with the straight edges.

Most of them are not perfectly rectangular as they have designs on the edges. If you see that there are too many differences among the several widths of the door, you have to settle for the largest figure you get; this will work for you.

If you want to know the standard width, then you can settle for the 36 inches doors. The other popular door widths are 30 inches and 32 inches; however, you might have a different size door too!

Step 2: Measuring the Height

Measuring Door Height
Measuring Door Height

After you have measured the front door’s width, you have to note it down in a paper so that you do not forget it. Now, you have to check the height of the door. For this, take the measurement tape once again and measure it.

You have to measure from the top of the door to the bottom to know the height. We recommend you get the measurement from the top corner to the bottom corner.

If you measure from the center, there is a chance that you might not be able to hold the tape straight, and it will move a bit at any angle.

This will make the measurement. While measuring from the top corner, you might need a chair to go all the way to the top part of the door. Also, tell anybody else in the house to help you for this purpose.

Again, keep in mind that you do not include any gears like the door sweep when you measure the height, ONLY THE DOOR!

Also, try to measure two or three different spots to know if the measurement of the door is perfect or not in case it is not accurately rectangular. The standard height of the front doors is 80 inches.

Step 3: Measuring the Thickness

This is easy work, isn’t it? All you have to do is place the tape on the edge of the front door and then measure the thickness. You must measure the jamb too.

The edge of the door on the door frame is called the jamb. Both of the measurements will be close. From all the wood doors, steel doors, or security front doors the standard thickness is about 1.75 inches.

Step 4: Picturing the Door

After you are done taking notes of all the measurements, click a picture of your door. After printing it out, you can put the measurements you have taken on the picture. This will help you choose the right door when you go to the shop.

If you don’t want to go for so much hassle, you can simply draw your door’s picture and write down the measurements you have noted on the image.

Step 5: Labeling the Swing

After you are done writing the measurements, you have to select the swing of the door too. Check the swing direction first. For this, you have to stand before the door, placing your back on the front of the door and against the hinges.

Open the door and check the direction. If the door is opened on your right side, you have to understand that your front door is right-sided. On the contrary, it will be a left-handed door if it is on your left. Here, always remember the swinging type too.

It can be a swing-in door or a swing-out one. If you have an in-swing door, this is open up inside the room. COnversely, the out-swing doors usually open outside of the room. Check them out and put marks on the image so that it is understandable to you.

Step 6: Shopping the Door

After you are done with the image, you are done taking the measurements. Now, all you have to do is buy the door!

Take the image along with the information to the door shop. You do not need to take the old door or take the shop owner to your home. The image will help you choose the right entry door for your home!

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Wrap Up

If you have read it properly, you already know how to measure front door like a pro! Even if you are a newbie, you can easily take the notes of the measurements and get a new door by replacing the old one.

Tell us how you measure the front door? Do you have a standard sized door? What do you do with the customized door designs in terms of taking measurements? Share it with us by commenting below!

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