How To Pick A Garage Door Lock Without A Key

by Vincent Foster

If you lose your garage door key or leave it inside your house then how you will open your garage door lock and enter your house? Are you waiting for a locksmith, wasting your time? No. Then read this article so that you may pick a garage door lock on your own. 

If something like that happens in front of you exert your acumen to fix this problem. If someone is in a haste, he may get the task done ASAP. 

Today, in this writing, we will illustrate how to pick a garage door lock. And also, we will mention simple methods to fix this problem. Stick with us until the end. 

How To Pick A Garage Door Lock Without A Key

Here we will discuss a couple of methods to help you pick your garage door lock. For these methods and ways, you need some trifling tools. Some household things, that you may have already owned or you may purchase them from your nearest market. 

We will instruct you how to open a garage door lock without a key by using a coat-hanger, a bobby pin, and a paperclip. Let’s jump into it! 

Using an Ordinary Paperclip 

For the paperclip method, you require a paper clip and you ought to deform this paper clip a little. You may also apply garage lock picking tools and kits in case you have these. That will make this strategy completely facile to accomplish. Follow the steps below: 

Step 01: Deform the Paperclip

For this step, you have to straighten out the paperclip. Don’t straighten the paperclip completely. At the end of your paperclip, mold and make a little edge faced upwards. The edge may support you push and feel the lock pins to get the lock to open. 

Step 02: Handling the Tools

You can launch after your tools get ready to stir. 

Firstly, you have to put the tension lever for holding tension on your garage lock. It is done by sliding it inwardly, slightly rotating it counterclockwise for keeping up the tension and remaining it unwavering step edge.

In the next, you have to thrust the paperclip towards the end along its edge faced upwards, aloof from additional or another paperclip. This way you may consider the pins are inside the garage lock.

Step 03: Apply Pressure

You have to exert pressure over them after examining for the sake of the pins. It is done by pushing over the haft of the pick i.e. paperclip and pushing up the pins. You have to repeat this step until every tumbler into the lock is lifted. 

Step 04: Ending Step

Now, you can rotate the paperclip easily inside the garage lock. Get your lock open. 

Using A Bobby Pin

This method is roughly similar to the latter one. This time we are resorting to a bobby pin, but the footings are identical. Getting the tools prepared is only different. 

Step 01: Prepare the Bobby Pin 

We have mentioned how to prepare a paperclip before, now, you have to prepare a bobby pin in the same manner. Open and bend the bobby pin at an angle of approximately 90 degrees. 

Step 02: Cut and Place the Bobby Pin

After that, you have to take a razor or knife blade. Now, cut the tip of the rounded rubber of the bobby pin. Using a razor or knife cut on the upright flank. Never cut wavy one. That is the flank that you have to place inward the lock. 

Step 03: Final step 

The last is identical to the paperclip. But there is a little difference between former one to latter one due to lack of tension lever. You may modify one to another bobby pin. This is done by bending the peak third among the bobby pin. 

Therefore, it will shape as a hook. Dissimilar to the first one, don’t spread either side separately over this one. Rather, bend them either simultaneously in the identical direction. Moreover, after one has picked it, one may use it to trend the lock. 

Using A Coating Hanger 

We are sharing with you the last method of the third, an unconventional one. Using an ordinary coat hanger, pull the latch. This strategy may require that one has not already put any precautions with it. And it is a quite simple method. 

You have to penetrate the hanger by the peak of the garage door. Thread until you touch the emergency latch. After that, curve the cord and gradually pull on the emergency latch to separate the safety or security release. 

Roll up your garage door easily by your hand. Now, go inside your house without any hassle. 

If you cannot handle or fix this problem you can contact here


Above in our article, we have discussed how to pick a garage door lock and simple ways to carry out this problem. 

Yes, we realize that fixing this problem may be hard in the first attempt however try it again practice will make you perfect. It will be easy for you in the night-time. Follow our aforementioned instructions to get your task done. Thank you for your great heed. 

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