How To Replace a Broken Car Door Lock?

by Vincent Foster

Car is the best mate for traveling. Though, sometimes we face some difficulties with our car door lock like- broken key or connection, accumulation of dust or grime, broken lock, etc. These may be time-consuming for one or might prevent one from going to his ascertained appointment. To avoid this kind of displeasure, you may choose to repair or replace your car door lock on your own. If you cannot fix the problem, you should seek professional help. 

At times, you need to replace your car door lock if you perceive that it is broken in. In this article, we will illustrate how to replace car door locks and other related accomplishments. Keep an eye out until the end. 

How To Replace Broken Car Door Locks: Step By Step Replacement Process

How To Replace A Broken Car Door Lock
How To Replace A Broken Car Door Lock

We know that a car door assists one in securing one’s vehicle and it helps the components inside to be immune from unexpected detriment. These work through both remote FOB or ignition key, which authorize the proprietor of the car to exit and enter the vehicle. 

Nevertheless, when it is locked properly, a sequence of rods that are metal controlled is connected through the handle from inside. The inner handle is connected by the rods. The car door latch which coheres the door shut. 

Alike other components of the car, sometimes, the door may not close or open properly. That requires you to know the steps how to replace a car door lock. You may contact with professional locksmith here

Fix Broken Car Door Locks in 5 Easy Steps:

Remove the Handle of the Window After Closing It

You have to ensure that your car window is closed fully. Furthermore, remove the manual handle in case you have it. You may use a screwdriver to remove the handle from the mediator or regulator shaft. This screwdriver is used for unscrewing the window handle. This is your first step in replacing your car door lock. 

Carry Away The Door Panel And Screws

In this step, you have to open the door. Try to locate the door screws around and inside the perimeter of the panel of the driver door. Use your screwdriver to carry away the screws. Hunt out the ones within the armrest.

Carry away these i.e. screws and hunt out the cover within the armrest. You have to remove the cover and also the speakers which are inside the door. Within the armrest, two screws carry away them from there. 

Be careful, do not break the plastic clips. 

Finally, you need to use a screwdriver to pry off your car door panel to the car door. To see the inside parts of the door, you have to remove the moisture shield from the panel. 

Carry Away the Old Lock and Electrical Connection

In this step, you have to ensure that you have disconnected the lock switches, electrical connections and light connections. To get obvious visibility of the lock rod to the lock unto the latch, close the car window. You have to use the needle-nose pliers for dissevering the latch to the lock rod. 

Transfer the New Lock and The Lock Holder

Releasing the lock, you need to use the needle-nose pliers to remove the C-clips. Through the anterior of your car door, remove the lock. At the rear of your door lock, you have to set a rod holder. You have to remove it towards the newly fetched lock. Make sure that it is placed in an identical position. 

Now, set the newly fetched lock via the anterior of your car door. Use the needle-nose pliers to shove the C-clips over the vertex of your newly fetched lock. Make sure to secure it tightly. Set the lock rod inside the latch of the door. 

Remember, the retainer clip of plastic should be back in its room. 

Last Step

Now, you have to replace the shield of moisture and set the panel back in its place. And replace that you have removed earlier i.e. door speakers, cover arm-rest screws. 

Common Car Door Lock Problems

This will be benevolent for readers to know the commonly faced car door lock problems. These are thereof: 

  • Dead Battery: when you will notice that your remote FOB is not working or getting low then you have to replace it. Generally, it alerts one but sometimes it simply stops operating. So, you have to maintain it properly. 
  • Damaged Door Lock: At times, the door lock does not unlock or lock properly, it was generally happened because of theft. Someone attempts or wants to break-in. For that follow our above instructions and replace the door lock.
  • Damaged Key: It may be a problem of not locking your car door lock rightly. Physical damage to your key affects the key grooves. 
  • Worn Ignition Cylinder: if your key is unable to trend into the ignition, it might either falls out or get stuck. For that, you ought to fetch an entirely novel ignition cylinder. 


When you will notice that your car door is not unlocking through both ignition key and remote FOB then it may require replacing your car door lock. If you ignore it or do not take the right steps on time, it will increase your opportunity cost by wasting time or something more. 

In this article, we have discussed how to replace car door locks step by step on your own. We have tried to discuss it simply and we have added beneficial tips. 

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