10 Best Front Door Handlesets Reviews – Updated 2022

Best Front Door Handlesets Reviews 2021

Locks and handles are arguably the most crucial things in your home. Not only do these grants you access to your safe haven, but also protect it from unwanted intrusion. Therefore, we hope you understand how necessary it is to have first-class door locks and handle sets in securing your vicinity.

Lucky for you, you can totally rely on our article. It contains the best front door handlesets, which are going to grant your house unyielding security. Plus, it also has several other assistive pieces of information that you will find in the buying guide and FAQ section, which should help you in the quest to find the best of the best.

So, are you ready to choose the best handlesets for front door security?

In a hurry? Here’s a quick list of Top 5 Front Door Handlesets in 2022

Top 10 Best Front Door Handleset Reviews 2022

Now, do you want the finest door handles and lock sets for your home? Well, you do not have to look any further as we have everything you need right here!

1. Kwikset 98180-020 San Clemente Single Cylinder Front Door Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Effortless installation
  • All the necessary utensils will be provided on the day of purchase
  • Grants three-way locking system that ensures top-notch security
  • Has a heavy-duty construction that assures the item is going to serve you for a long period
  • Sleek and attractive looks

Kwikset 98180-020 San Clemente Single Cylinder Front Door Handle - best front door locksWould you like to own some exceptionally pretty handles that would make any door look elegant? Stop right here, as you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of finding anything as we have the right product in this review. The San Clemente is considered one of the best front door locks in the business. Want to know why?

The unit has a slim and dark black color, which we can assure you is going to match the interiors of any home. Furthermore, the handles and locks are constructed of heavy-duty materials that also grant approximately 50% lower profile compared to most of the handles and locks you can come across.

By the way, the design of the item grants other wondrous perks. You see, because of its superb ergonomics, you can install the unit in your door with incredible ease (you just need a screwdriver). Plus, its measurements give it a universal-fit attribute, which means you can install the unit on any door.

Now, let us talk about the security provided by it. The San Clemente has a three-way locking system, which offers your home absolute protection from a foreign threat.

2. Baldwin Spyglass Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset – SmartKey Security

Highlighted Features

  • Effortless installation and typical dimensions ensure that you can fit it on almost all doors
  • Has a smart-key feature that enables you to lock your homes safely
  • You can recalibrate the locks if you want
  • The sleek and attractive looks will elevate the overall looks of any entrance
  • Is resistant to all types of intrusions methods out there

Baldwin Spyglass Single Cylinder Front Door Handleset - SmartKey SecurityThere are few front door handle sets that can match the Baldwin spyglass door handle set. The single-cylinder key system has a top-notch re-key feature. Because of that, you can re-calibrate the keys in whatever way you want. Hence, the chances of forced intrusion are reduced exponentially.

Moreover, the door features a smooth and elegant outlook. It has a hue of nickel finish, which, when paired with its low-profile design, elevates the overall looks of any door that you have in your vicinity. You would also be glad to know that the contraption is highly robust and, thus, ensures the safety of the user.

Next, the construction of the unit is not the only thing that grants your family and house safety from misfortunes. If you take a look, it contains a three-way lock system, which allows you to unlock the door in three different ways. Therefore, improving the security factor of your house.

Besides that, installing the handles on your door is a very effortless task. The locks and handles have standard measurements that facilitate you with the swift and unhindered installation. So, making sure that you have a pleasant experience using the product.

3. NB Hardware Double Door Handle Lockset – Best Exterior Front Door Lever Handle Lock

Highlighted Features

  • Offers all the essentials and prevents you from buying anything extra
  • Made from highly durable and long-lasting materials
  • Guarantees uncomplicated installation
  • Assures exceptional protection to its users
  • The price of the item is quite low

NB Hardware Double Door Handle Lockset - Best Exterior Front Door Lever Handle LockLet us face it; the price of a top-notch hardware door set can range from 150 to beyond, which is quite expensive. So, if money is an issue yet you do not want to give up on the top-notch attributes that such locksets have to offer, then we suggest that you opt for this!

The NB-Hardware door handle lockset assures the most promising locking mechanism and reliability. It highlights a single hardware lockset with a dummy lockset, which can be used to deceive crooks.

Furthermore, the sets are made of zinc alloy and brass. Due to such construction, you can leave your home without any worry.

Do you want to know what are the things that you will receive if you get your hands on this unit? Well, the package contains

  • A handle set for the outside
  • Reversible handle set for the inside
  • Radius Round Corner Strike along with latch box
  • Deadbolts with 4 keys
  • Visual model for straightforward installation

In short, all the necessary utensils will be provided on the day of purchase. Hence, you won’t have to waste any extra cash. And we assure you that each of the items is out of this world quality! Now, do you understand why some experts consider it one of the best exterior door handles in the business?

4. Berlin Modisch Full Escutcheon Front Door Entry Deadbolt Handleset

Highlighted Features

  • Installing the unit is a very breezy task
  • Lightweight and compact dimensions make it a reliable and portable handle set
  • Contains a highly tough and long-live construction
  • Sleek and attractive looks of the unit guarantee to make your doors look phenomenal
  • Can be installed in almost most doors

Berlin Modisch Full Escutcheon Front Door Entry Deadbolt HandleSet -  best single cylinder deadbolt handlesAre you looking for the best single cylinder deadbolt handles out there? You can call your search this instance as we have the ideal product right here for you! Do you want to know it is called the supreme single cylinder deadbolt handle?

First of all, the escutcheon of the lock grants the unit extreme robustness and durability. Because of this, we can confidently tell you that the product is going to give you maximum security in all conditions. Also, it comes with a reversible feature, which allows you to install the handles as both right-handed and left-handed.

Design-wise the door handle is a genuine masterpiece! It was made in such a way that it complements the most modern doors, and therefore, ensures that it makes the entrances to your house more lucrative.

Along with all that, the handles are ideal for all varieties of doors. Therefore, if you have this, you can install it on almost all doors. To conclude, it is the perfect deadbolt door. Plus, its latch can be adjusted from 2-3/8-inches to 2-3/4-inches, which is assures ultimate safety.

5. AmazonBasics Single Cylinder Front Door Handle Set With Shelby Lever 

Highlighted Features

  • You do not need any heavy-duty tools (you need a Phillips screwdriver)
  • The unit fits almost all types of doors
  • Can be used as both a right-handed door handle as well as a left-handed one
  • The price of the item is extremely less

AmazonBasics Single Cylinder Front Door Handle Set With Shelby Lever - Best Single Cylinder Front Door Handle Set If you are into a vintage-looking lock, then we have the right match for you! The old-fashioned lock and handle is an elegant and gorgeous addition to your home, which is going to make your home look beautiful. Plus, there it comes in countless other finishes, which should complement your home. Anyway, its look is not the only thing that it has to offer.

It has a superb fit, which enables anyone to install the unit in their front doors with great ease. Furthermore, the package consists of all the necessary utensils that prevent you from spending any extra cash on buying anything separately.

By the way, it fits almost all types of standard doors. So, there is no need for any trimming or additional adjustments to the unit. Also, it has 6-way adjustable latches, which grants your home the protection factor that you were looking for all this time.

6. Argento Deadbolt and Door Lock Handleset for Front Door Entry

Highlighted Features

  • Installing the unit in your home is a straightforward and effortless chore
  • You don’t require any heavy-duty things to install the product
  • Can be used as a left or a right-handed door handle
  • Constructed from highly enduring and long-lived materials
  • The elegant and sophisticated looks are going to compliment any house’s décor

Argento Deadbolt and Door Lock Handleset for Front Door Entry - Best Deadbolt lock for homesFew brands can compete with Argento in the realm of deadbolt & door lock handle sets. Do you want to know why? Well, first of all, just look at the unit. Its polished and smooth appearance gives your house that elegant and classy look from the outside.

Keeping that feature aside, the build of the item is another fantastic characteristic! You see, it has a world-class construction that permits your units that exceptional durability and longevity. Thus, certifying the safety of your home!

Another great thing about this is that you won’t be having any issues installing the product in your home, thanks to its universal fit feature.

Also, you can use it as a left-handed and a right-handed door handle (depending on the position of the door). Lastly, installing the unit is a breezy experience. You will require no heavy-duty tools; you only will need a simple Phillips screwdriver. It should be evident why this is the best deadbolt locks for home in our eyes.

7. Kwikset 98001-096 Arlington Single Cylinder Handleset with Lido Lever

Highlighted Features

  • You can recalibrate the door locks without need any help
  • Contains an easy three-way locking and recalibrating mechanism
  • Highly durable construction makes it impervious to all methods of intrusions
  • Fits almost all standard door without any trimming or adjustments

Kwikset 98001-096 Arlington Single Cylinder Handleset with Lido LeverGolden handlesets look classy and sophisticated in all types of homes. And, if you have an eye for the vintage aesthetic, then we are quite certain that you will be delighted to add and incorporate this piece to your home.

Apart from having classy and unique looks, the product features a heavy-duty build as well. Due to that, the item is resistant to kicks, picking, drill, and saws. Therefore, ensuring the highest form of security for you and your family. Plus, it has a three-way unlocking mechanism, which enhances the security even further.

Moving on from the A-grade durability and looks, installing the unit is a breezy experience. The item has a design and measurements that enable you to attach the lock and handles to almost any type of door without much effort.

8. Camelot Front Entry Handle Accent Right Handed Interior Lever – Aged Bronze

Highlighted Features

  • You do not need any heavy-duty or complex items to install it
  • Has a smooth and polished look
  • Is compatible with almost all sizes and types of doors
  • Durable and long-lasting construction assure utmost security to the users
  • Affordable pricing

Camelot Front Entry Handle Accent Right Handed Interior Lever - Aged BronzeCamelot has been making some of the most promising door locks and handles in the business. And their this handleset is arguably one of the best that the company has to offer. Are you intrigued to learn more about this?

Well, first of all, the product has a robust and enduring formation and ergonomics that permit the unit to endure heavy-duty beating without any issue.

Speaking of design, the item highlights such a design, which enables you to install the item on almost any type of door with great ease. With that, the design is responsible for the luxurious and smooth looks that make it compatible with all styles of doors.

Next, the merchandise has a very heavy-duty construction, which makes it impervious to all kinds of intrusion methods that crooks might use. Thus, granting your ultimate protection.

And, to enjoy all these wondrous attributes, all you need is a Phillips screwdriver to install it.

9. Schlage LOCK Century Front Entry Handle Latitude Interior Lever

Highlighted Features

  • Patented adjustable through-bolt
  • Stylish design provides a sophisticated appearance
  • Super simple installation process
  • Comes with two keys per lock and a 5-pin tumbler.

Schlage LOCK Century Front Entry Handle Latitude Interior Lever - best entry door handlesetIf you are looking for a set of the best entry door handlesets that will give your home an elegant look while providing the security and durability you need, then take a look at this guy. With Schlage’s handleset, you will get a handle with a sleek design that is easy to install and offers superior protection. It also has the latest in technology for easy maneuverability.

Installation is a breeze, and you can really save on installation costs because it doesn’t require any additional tools to get the job done. It’s also backed by Schlage’s lifetime limited hardware warranty so if anything happens with your lockset, they’ll be there for you!

Moreover, it has universal latches and deadbolts that easily fit 60 mm or 70mm backsets. In addition to that, the flat top case on the front door handle features a large, easy-to-find surface that is perfect for your palm or fingers. It’s also less likely to get dirty like other handlesets do and offers improved durability because of its metal construction.

Plus, the standard exterior door lock and interior grip on the lower portion of the handle, adjustable through-bolts that move up or down 1 ½ inches – 38 mm, and touchscreen deadbolt available for front doors as well as standard lockset – all Schlages feature these great options!

10. KnobWell Heavy Duty Keyed Exterior Door Handle for Entry Door

Highlighted Features

  • The installation process is very easy. When you have the necessary tools, you don’t have to call an expert. It can be your next DIY Project.
  • This door handle set fits almost every door of 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”.
  • The sophisticated design ensures absolute safety. It doesn’t have any extended flanges or rough edges.
  • It looks cool and operates even better.

KnobWell Heavy Duty Keyed Exterior Door Handle for Entry Door

This is one of the best heavy-duty door handles that are famous for their amazing performance as they use a solid latch for higher security. The metal used in the door handle zinc alloy and the finished color is matte black. The high-quality latch secures your house from any attempt of intrusion. Security of the door entry doesn’t remain a concern after installing this entrance handleset.

However, you can install this door handle in the interior as well. It looks so stylish and doesn’t have any protruding flanges, screws, or rough edges that you rest assured; there is nothing in this door handle that could possibly bother you. Rather, the sophistication design gives it the perfect look as well as provides uncompromising security.

Another thing that most people love is the one size perfect for any door. This lever perfectly fits any door of  1-3/8” to 1-3/4”. It means when you love the cool and useful features of this lever, and you are about to buy it, you don’t need to worry about its size. It fits almost every exterior as well as interior doors.

Moreover, it’s so easy to install that you never need to call an expert for the project. As long as you have the necessary tools, you can install the handleset yourself. Then, rest assured, enjoying the ultimate safety and security.

Ultimate Buying Guide to Choosing The Best Front Door Handlesets

Ultimate Buying Guide to Choosing The Best Front Door Handlesets

Getting a first-class handle and lockset is not an easy deal. There are tons of things that you have to take into consideration before you can purchase such an item. However, if you want to ensure the safety of your home and its occupants, then there is no other option than to leaning for the best.

Now, with this section, we have reduced your workload by a lot. Here you will find all the things that you have to take into consideration before you can buy such an item. So, without further ado, let us go to the good stuff!

Deadbolt is a Must

There are numerous categories of door locks in the industry! Nevertheless, we suggest that you always opt for a lock that is a deadbolt. The deadbolt ones offer the best security from burglaries, unwanted intrusions, and so much more. Now, there are two classes of deadbolts:

  1. Single Cylinder Deadbolt
  2. Dual Cylinder Deadbolt

So, when you are planning to purchase such a thing, you have to take into consideration which one you prefer. And, in this case, we suggest that you choose the one you favor the most. To make the task more straightforward for you, here is a brief description of the two.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

These types are easier to unlock by you and family members. To unlock such a lock like Apple HomeKit, you need a key from the outside to unfasten the door. Therefore, it a superb choice for a residential area and is optimum for emergencies.

Dual Cylinder Deadbolt

When it comes to the safety factor, this one supersedes the single cylinder one. You see, to unlock such a lock, you would need two keys (one for the inside and another one for the outside). Hence, it grants you the best protection from any mishaps.

On the flip side, it is trickier to unlock compared to the single-cylinder locks, which is why it is not a very smart choice for emergencies.

The Grading

Well, the grading tells you about the quality of the product. So, depending on the grade of the lock, you should make a choice. Now, some might get confused and think that the grade-3 is the best of the best. Nonetheless, it is entirely the opposite. Meaning, grade-1 is the best, and grade-3 is the worst. Just check the chart below

Grade Description
Grade-1 A lock stated to be grade-1 is the best of the locks in the business. Generally, these are used for industrial purposes.
Grade-2 Well, these are more of the average types in the industry. They are ideal for suburban areas.
Grade-3 Perfect for indoors. Though it might lack the quality from the previous two, it is still fantastic in locking rooms of your home.

The Formation

When it comes to locks, checking the sturdiness and reliability of such a thing is essential. We are sure that you don’t want burglars and crooks to break into your home with little effort because you chose the wrong lock!

Now, to ensure that an item is long-lasting and durable, you have to check what it is made of. Here is where you need to check the construction of such an item. Hence, choosing a lock that is constructed of zinc alloy or other heavy-duty metals is a must!

How the Locks & Handle Set Looks

Well, it might not be too visible to you, but an elegant and sleek-looking door look makes your house look presentable. For example, when someone is about to enter your home or is going to enter your room, he/she will open the door first. Therefore, the looks of your such a thing matter.

We can assure you that you will find some fantastic and elegant-looking items in the market. Plus, a top-notch door lock and handle will have a noticeable look. Therefore, when you are purchasing such an item, we recommend that you opt for the one that is compatible with your home’s decor.


It is a universal truth that latches and handles can be quite costly. Also, if you like to lean for the high-end ones, then they could set you back by 150 dollars or more (depending on numerous attributes). Now, you need to be smart with your finances!

So, we suggest that you make a list and a budget. We can assure you that you will be able to get your hands on the most extravagant items if you have a suitable budget. Therefore, once you are done with checking each and every.

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FAQs About Front Door Handlesets

1. Should one always opt for deadbolt locks?

Ans: Well, it is not a mandatory thing, but it is wise to always opt for deadbolt locks. If you have read our entire article, then in the buying guide, you will find the significance of having such a contraption. And it is such a fantastic option!

2. How long will these units last?

Ans: The longevity of such a thing depends highly on its grade, construction, and a couple of other factors. You see, if you have purchased such a top-notch lock and handle, then we can assure you that it is going to serve you for at least five to ten years without fail.

3. Would I need professional help to install them?

Ans: Have you ever done any sort of assembling or installation tasks? Are you a DIY person? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then you can surely install them. However, if you have never done such a thing, then it is wise to go to an expert for help.

4. Could you tell me how long will it take to fit such a thing?

Ans: Well, if you are a pro, then it should take you no more than half an hour.

5. Are all top-class locks and handles expensive?

Ans: It depends on various factors!

6. Should I install a grade-1 lock in my home?

Ans: You see, grade-1 locks are expensive and are quite a heavy-duty lock. So, fitting them on your door might not be a smart idea.

Final Words

So, have you found the lock that you were looking for all this time? We hope that you have! We have composed this writing so that you can have the best front door handlesets easily and not have to go through the trouble.

However, if you didn’t find the right one, then you should definitely put our buying guide to use to shorten up your search.

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