Most Common Door Lock Problems And Repair Guide

by Vincent Foster

After using your house door a long time, you may face some troubles with the door lock, it may be not opening or maybe the lock is not working. You can not leave it as it is. You need to inspect it at first, then you need to repair it if you can do this, or else you have to call on professional collaboration. 

In this article, we will explain the common door lock problems and repair. After reading this post, you can identify the door look problems and resolve them according to them. We will also mention some problems for which require a vocational locksmith. 

5 Most Common Door Lock Problems and Repairs

Common Door Lock  Problems And Repair
Common Door Lock Problems And Repair

Looks, door handles, and doorknobs are the main part of door lock issues at work or home. We use them regularly and most of the time they go without any symptoms. Sometimes these problems appear at an inconvenient time. 

Here we are illustrating the most common door lock problems and some tricks to repair, these are following: 

1. The Key Trends However the Door Look Does Not Trend 

This problem generally appears when small fallen or worn parts cause the door key. The door key can not shove the knobs but the trend in the door lock. It is a commonly faced instrumental problem. You should fix it with a professional person who knows how to deal with door mechanisms. 

There is another problem related to this heading. When you insert the door key in the door locks if it backtracks to turn, you can fix this problem on your own. You have to lubricate the door Keyhole. You can do this using spraying graphite. 

2. The Door Key Is Broken or Stuck Inside the Door Locks

Lack of proper lubrication on a few components of your door lock or maybe misaligned door lock latched cause your door key to be stuck.

If you are in a haste to go out or in and notice that your door key may be stuck inside the door lock, never force the key to close or open. It will be worse for you. 

You need to call on a professional locksmith to repair the door lock and remove your key from it. 

3. Slow Locks 

Accumulation of grime or dirt in door locks may cause slow or stiffened door locks. If you find that your handle of the door lock is stiffened or slow or if you notice that it is tenacious inserting the door key into your door lock. You can do a fantastic maneuver by thrusting a swab of cotton into your door lock for removing the dust. 

You can use a silicon or graphite spray towards your door lock if you perceive it is not smoothed or lubricated amply.

Remember that, grease or oil may clog in the winter, clod season. So, never use these in your door lock. 

4. Misaligned Door Latch

If you dig up that, it is difficult locking or shutting the door duly it means your door latch is unable to apprehend your door lock strike plate. And this problem will advance unnoticed. It may be happened by damp weather situation or heat, improper screwed or installed hinges. 

To repair it, you ought to fix the misalignment, and to rhyme the plates you have to use the proper tools, and also you have to tighten the hinges of the door. 

If you do not know the right method to repair it or there is no right tool with you. Then call on a vocational locksmith for repairing your door lock.

5. Faulty Door Mechanism

The door lock problems are usually mechanical. They become defective with time and time and eventually wear. 

Excessive use of a door lock will find it problematic. And also lack of maintaining the door locks may cause them defective. 

It is worth mentioning that, amateur people should avoid mechanical problems, and leave them for professionals. 

Problems For Which You Need Professional Locksmith

The moving portions of the door locks do and at last, wear out. If you cannot resolve the door lock problems then you need to call on a professional. You may contact professional locksmiths here 

Now I’m mentioning some door lock problematic situations for which you need a professional locksmith: 

  • You are trying to operate the door lock but the whole cylinder is trending. 
  • You have lubricated the jammed lock but not responding yet. 
  • The broken key inside the door lock. And you are unable to bring out it. 
  • The key trend however the door the lock does not trend.
  • You discover that your door lock is damaged.
  • Your door lock is damaged.
  • You are looking at a deadlock installed for security concerns. 
  • You need to replace your door lock because your door lock is old now. 


If you have a door then it is customary that you will face door lock problems. So, it is worthwhile for you to know the problems and their fixes. We recommend readers maintain proper circumspection for your door lock, on account of that you may avoid door lock disturbance. 

In this article, we have elucidated common door lock problems and repairs and we have mentioned some problems for which require a professional locksmith. 

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