How to Fix A Door Lock That Won’t Turn – Easy & Quick Fixes

by Vincent Foster

A door lock is the most necessary component in our house. Since it is a massive security provider, therefore, it provides tranquility of mind. One cannot deny the benefits or facilities of a door lock. 

At times, we encounter some common issues with the door lock. One of them is- a door lock that won’t turn. This problem is for dust or dirt into the cylinder. Or if it won’t trend at all, maybe this problem is for the mechanism.

If one kens how to fix these problems, it will help him to resolve these in the twinkling of an eye without spending his money, consuming his time, and facing any trouble. From this point of view, we are sharing this article with you. 

In this article, we will illustrate how to fix a door lock that won’t turn. 

5 Steps How to Fix A Door Lock That Won’t Turn or Stuck

How To Fix A Door Lock That Won’t Turn
How To Fix A Door Lock That Won’t Turn

To fix a door lock that won’t turn, you require some equipment and master fixing skills using these tools. These equipment and materials are thereof: 

  • A Suitable Screwdriver
  • Spray of Dry Lubricant
  • Key Extractor

Here we are mentioning a few simple steps to fix a door lock that won’t turn at all. These steps will help you to solve a jammed lock on your own. These steps are as follows: 

1. Tighten the Hinges

It is important to understand this equation accurately that- the latch may sit low more than the door striker plate if your door’s hinges are loose, this lower sitting of the latch will make the lock difficult to conduct. 

You have to inspect for a vacuum between the doorframe and the door. In case, the door appears lean, the hinges may be loose.

For that, you have to open your door to disclose the hinges. To tighten the slack screws i.e. if you find any slack or loose screws, you need to use a screwdriver. This should raise the door sufficiently owing to the deadbolt for sliding within the door striker plate on a looked state. 

2. Tighten the Screw

In case, your doorknob lock turns however won’t disclose the door, this problem might be a slack setscrew. This screw is working to retain the knob towards the spindle which connects the exterior and interior knob. Our instructions will help to settle upon a knob that turns, however, won’t open. 

Firstly, you have to detect the exact position or place of the set screw.  There are many types of locks, some have perceivable setscrews located over the underside or neck of the doorknob. In case, you cannot detect any screws, then you have to extract the doorknob faceplate for getting the lock’s screws underneath. 

For tightening slack setscrews, you have to use the appropriate type of screwdriver. You can endeavor to spray the lubricant towards the screws to spin them easily.

3. Lubricate the Lock Spring Mechanism

When you spin the knob in case the deadlock does not bring back completely, that means the spring mechanism of the lock’s interior part may be faulty. If you want to open or close the door the mechanism of the spring helps to spin the doorknob. 

Reveal the spindle. Pull the knob out completely by disassembling it. Pull it to reveal the spindle that is a portion of the mechanism of the lock spring. 

While spinning another knob spray to the spring and spindle a paltry sum of lubricant i.e. Teflon. This may unbind the mechanism of the spring and retract the deadlock smoothly. 

Replace the doorknob and make sure that the set screw is tightened accurately. 

4. Solve the Problems with Your Key

Possible reasons for your key which won’t lock or open the door. Ridges on your key, cold weather, or inadequate lubrication are included.

Inspect owing to ridges on your key which might prevent the key from spinning the door lock. You can apply granite on your key a paltry sum, thrust in, and turn the key into the lock, after that bring your key out. You should file down the parts which have no granite. These are abrading against the locking mechanism of the interior. The key needs to spin smoothly into the Keyhole. And it should unjam the door lock. 

If the deadlock cannot spin accompanied by the door when it is in an enclosed position, then you have to lubricate your keyhole and key to do away with any rust which may be affixing the lock.

5. Align the Deadlock Along the Strike Plate

The strike plate may shift slightly for a few reasons, this may obstruct the deadlock from locking your door and sliding into the frame hole. For that reason, you need to move, reposition or enlarge the plate towards the altitude of the latch of deadlock. 

To move the striker plate, take a chisel. Slightly flip by a hammer towards the lower edge of the plate orifice. The plate should be moved approximately 1”/8” below for the door latch. So that, the latch may slide in at ease. 

Try to enlarge the plate orifice if your lock is jammed even now. Remove the door strike plate to the jamb takes a screwdriver. After that, you need an appropriate metal file for filing down the plate’s lower edge. Remove metal as it is needed to a feasible extent to slide the bolt latch easily into the orifice and replace the plate. 

In case, enlarging and moving the plate don’t rid the problem, you have to reposition the plate orifice. Remove the striker plate to the jamb. Try to reposition the plate approximately 1”/8” down the orifice of the old screw. Now, the plate orifice should attune the latch. The plate opening should unjam the door lock. 

We recommend readers that, if you don’t have the appropriate equipment or you are unable to fix this problem, you may contact here for procession collaboration at


In the above writing, we have expounded how to fix a door lock that won’t turn. A door lock that won’t turn is a common issue so it is worthwhile for you to know how to fix it rightly. 

Follow our simple instructions which we have mentioned in this article, these may help you to fix your problem without encountering any hassle. 

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