How to Open a Gun Safe Without Key – 7 Easy Methods

by Vincent Foster

The keys can be lost and the security code may be forgotten, but when you know how to open a gun safe without a key and code, there is still hope that you will have access to your gun. 

In an emergency, access to your gun is one of the most important things. Hence, the technique of opening a safe without key is also an important lesson to learn. Just kidding; you should not lose your key or forget your security code, but in case the unfortunate happens, you must look into other ways around. 

After reading this article, you will find those ‘other ways’ and have access to your gun again. 

How to Open a Gun Safe Without Key: 7 Easy Ways to Try

How To Open A Gun Safe Without Key
How To Open A Gun Safe Without Key

1. Contact the Manufacturer 

First of all, this is not a good idea to break open a safe immediately after losing the key. The best gun safes for under bed offer a combination security code that allows you to open the safe. This feature can also be found in the best drawer safes available on the market. 

But if you forget the combination code, there is no smooth alternative other than calling the manufacturer. You can acquire a key from the manufacturer if you tell them you have lost yours. You may need to pay the shipping charge. 

2. Combination Lock Change Key 

Some gun safes come with a ‘combination lock change key’ option. This is an alternative security key that you can use when you forget the primary security code. See the owner’s manual to learn how to use it properly. 

3. Using a Manual Override Key 

You don’t want to damage the gun safe anyway. If you acquire a manual override key with the package of gun safe, you can get away with the situation that comes your way when you lose your key. 

Find out the keyhole that is often located on the back of the safe and insert the override key. See how the magic happens! The gun safe is now open without the regular key. 

But if you don’t have an override key, you need to learn how to break open a safe. 

4. Use a Screwdriver or Knife 

A common way to break open a lock is using a screwdriver or knife. Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the keyhole and slowly move it counterclockwise until the lock is opened. 

If you are using a knife, insert the tip of it into the lock and move it vigorously until the lock is open. The tip of the knife can be damaged in the process. 

5. Use Hammer and Chisel 

If you have a digital safe and have forgotten the security code, using a hammer and a chisel is one of the ways you can try. Put the chisel at the corner of the safe and hit on the back of it using a hammer. 

Thus, you can dislocate the digital keypad of the safe. Then, you will find knobs and screws that were beneath the keypad. Take off the silver knob using your chisel. 

Soon after removing the knob, you will see a hole right there. Insert your finger into the hole to feel the button. The button is usually located on the lower side. Press the button to finally open the gun safe. 

6. The Paperclip Method

This method takes time and effort, and when you go for it, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the lock. 

The paperclip has to be straight and strong. Insert it into the keyhole and try to reach the core of the locking mechanism. You can use tweezers to turn the paperclip. Turn the paperclip counterclockwise until you hear a click. The click means that you are done with the lock. 

7. Try with a Rare Earth Magnet

Let’s get a little idea about the locking mechanism. Most gun safes come with a solenoid that works as the core of the locking mechanism. It is a magnetic wire coil that can be triggered by another magnet. Here comes your solution; you can use a rare earth magnet to trigger the solenoid wire coil and end up opening the safe. 

Rare earth magnets are so strong and powerful that they can damage things or hurt your finger. Put the rare earth magnet in a sock as a safety measure. Slide the magnet along the end of the safe door until it triggers the solenoid. Thus, you can reset the safe without damaging your properties and gun safe. 

You will find rare earth magnets on the big E-commerce sites such as Amazon at a good price. 

Drilling into the Safe: How Good an Idea Is It?

Drilling Into The Gun Safe
Drilling Into The Gun Safe

Drilling into the gun safe will damage it and you cannot use it again. Hence, you have to think twice before taking this measure. Pinpoint the location of the locking mechanism. Drill a little hole so that you can see inside. Find out the button and press it with your finger. The lock is now open and the safe is, unfortunately, damaged!

What About Calling A Professional For Opening A Safe Without a Key?

A professional locksmith can provide you with an alternative key or open the safe without damaging it. 

However, the risk factor is that he will know your identity and location of the safe. But the good news is that there are locksmiths with licenses that may offer you a sense of security. Make sure you call someone who is permitted by the state or concerned authorities to do the job. 


These are some of the common techniques offered by the people who have experienced the situation before you and found solutions to this problem. But before you take any extreme measure such as using a hammer or drill and breaking into the gun safe, try other ways to avoid damage. 

Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions on how to open a gun safe without key. Try these techniques once and never lose your security keys again. 

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