Difference Between PTZ Camera Vs Bullet Camera

by Vincent Foster

PTZ Camera and Bullet Camera both are famous cameras you will see around the shopping malls, markets, large apartments, or houses. Many benefits make these two cameras favored by many people.

When you want to use one of these two cameras, you have to know their features and the key differences accordingly. Thereby you can choose the right one for your house or office. And, some people miss the right one due to the lack of knowledge concerning these cameras. Though both cameras have distinctive features.

In this article, I will share with you the differences between PTZ Vs Bullet Camera and other related keys. So, read on until the end of this article.

PTZ Camera Vs Bullet Camera: Let's Compare

Now, I will give a simple introduction to both of these cameras.

What Is PTZ Camera?

What Is PTZ Camera
What Is PTZ Camera

PTZ camera is known for its directional control and zoom. And you might know this camera by its beautiful name, the pan-tilt-zoom camera. With this speed doom camera, you may pan it right and left. If you need to tilt this camera up and down, you can easily do this. Moreover, with this camera, you can zoom in and out.

Compared with other cameras, this camera is larger and manufactured with the purpose of using it outside. And it comes with unimpeachable resolution. Thus, you can take full advantage of all these benefits by picking the best PTZ security camera in 2023.

Pros of PTZ Cameras

Pros of PTZ Cameras
Pros of PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras offer a number of advantages over traditional fixed-position cameras, including the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on a subject. This makes them ideal for security and surveillance applications, where you need to be able to keep an eye on a large area. PTZ cameras also typically offer better image quality than fixed-position cameras, thanks to their larger lenses.

Cons of PTZ Cameras

There are, however, a few potential drawbacks to PTZ cameras. One is that they can be more expensive than traditional cameras, especially if you opt for a model with features like HD quality or night vision. Another is that PTZ cameras can be more difficult to install, since you'll need to run power and data cables to the camera's location. Finally, PTZ cameras can be more susceptible to tampering and vandalism than fixed-position cameras.

What Is Bullet Camera?

What Is Bullet Camera
What Is Bullet Camera

Do you know about rifle bullet shape? Yes, you will see this surveillance master is shaped like this. The smaller bullet cameras resemble "lipstick cameras". If you need to focus over certain or particular spaces then the bullet camera has a fixed or variable lens of focal length.

Pros of Bullet Cameras

  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Can be placed almost anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

Cons of Bullet Cameras

  • Limited field of view
  • More difficult to adjust than a standard security camera
  • May require additional lighting for optimal results

A bullet camera is a good option for a small and discreet security camera. These cameras can be placed almost anywhere, and they're easy to install. However, they have a limited field of view, so you may need more than one to cover all your bases. They're also more difficult to adjust than a standard security camera. Bullet cameras are an affordable option for home security.

Difference Between PTZ Camera And Bullet Camera

Difference Between PTZ Camera And Bullet Camera
Difference Between PTZ Camera And Bullet Camera

You may use both of these cameras in your home or business but they have many differences in usage. Some big differences lie in view range, installation, visibility, night vision, and more. Let's start the discussion:


If you want to know where you will install a camera out of these two. Then you need to know where they will install well or work well.

A Bullet camera is usually installed on the off-street windows, backyard, front-door wall, or anywhere else. Because this camera has better range as well as fairly waterproof. So that, you can choose this camera for surveillance in large parking spaces or backyards. Moreover, this camera might be the best one for outside.

At times, you might require installing a surveillance camera in large or massive indoor areas or on construction sites then you can choose a PTZ camera. PTZ camera is able to catch wider visual fields. So, with this camera, you can easily monitor these areas. You see that these cameras are generally used in airports or supermarkets.

Visibility Of Camera

In this case, you need to consider between these two cameras which one is best to hide from plain sight, though both of them are obvious. Comparing these two cameras, you will see that the Bullet camera might be the best one. Let's see.

Usually, the size and shape of the Bullet Camera are approximately 2"-8″. You can use this camera to discourage burglars or vandals from invading the house or your property. And also, you should keep in mind that, if anyone is determined to invade your house he can damage this camera because of its visibility.

On the other extreme, the PTZ camera is a large camera in size and shape. These cameras are generally set up in a high place that they can easily catch large spaces. For that reason, this type of camera will not be caught by common eyesight. Though it is possible.

Night View

Night viewing is a required factor in monitoring a specific area. On this ground, you will see that the PTZ camera is very extraordinary. Because it offers something more special than Bullet Camera.

Creating their own light both of these cameras have infrared-LEDs. The main difference makes in its distance. Different surveillance cameras offer different ranges. In the same way, the Bullet camera offers a 100ft range of night vision. Which is pretty good. But PTZ crosses this limit remarkably. Most PTZ cameras offer a 190ft range of night vision. That is seriously a long distance.

Visual Field

If you need a camera by which you can monitor a large area then between these two cameras PTZ camera cameras will be the best option. Why?

Because PTZ Camera is designed to monitor a larger area. This camera can cover horizontally about 360 degrees and 90 degrees in vertical position. You will be surprised, this camera can rotate around 180 degrees in a vertical position. Meanwhile, you will see the visual field of the Bullet Camera is fixed, which is approximately 70-100 degrees.

It is an important factor that makes a great difference between these two cameras. Sensor chip, lens, and other factors influence the range of view of both cameras. So choose which one is better in the visual field for you.



In our discussion of PTZ and Bullet cameras, we have seen many differences between them. But here you will find that in case of installation both of these cameras are easy to install. These cameras generally come with mounting handles and brackets so that these cameras are quite easy to install. As you have seen that both cameras are mostly used outside.

I would like to recommend you to buy the best PTZ camera like C289 and the best Bullet camera is C190 Pro.


In this article, I have discussed the main difference between PTZ Vs Bullet Camera. Though both cameras are excellent, however, the differences make in their usage and the capability of providing services. After reading this article you might perceive that which is for you.

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