How To Jam Wireless Security Cameras?

by Vincent Foster

Wireless security cameras are generally set up to monitor a specific area to avoid any unexpected incident. Jamming the system of a wireless security camera means interrupting or making obstacles to showing signals in the video stream of this camera. By which the owner of this surveillance camera can not monitor or know what is happening outside or in the place where this wireless camera is set up. So, it is a very serious task.

In this article, I will explain to you how to jam wireless security cameras? And in this article, I will try to cover all things related to this issue, knowing these things might be beneficial for you. So read on until the end.

How to Jam Wireless Security Cameras: Explained

How To Jam Wireless Security Camera
How To Jam Wireless Security Camera

Now, I will expound on three methods to jam a wireless security camera. These three methods are as follows:

  • You have to cut the Supply of Power.
  • Blocking the Signals of Radio Frequency.
  • De-authentication attack.

So, without further ado, let’s see details about all of these wireless security camera jamming techniques. 

Cut The Supply Of Power

You can follow this approach if your security camera is a plugged-in wireless device. Both wireless NVR and standalone WiFi that are generally used indoors are suitable for this process.

You might know that wired PoE or analog CCTV can be easily disabled quickly. You may apply this same technique to disable the power of the security camera. All, you need to do is cut or disconnect the cable. This will immediately turn off the power of the camera and it will stop working instantly. 

It will stop recording footage If there is no backup battery system. However, if the camera is equipped with long-lasting battery life, you have to find other ways to jam your wireless security camera. Let’s see the second method.

Blocking The Signals Of Radio Frequency

This method involves creating a barrier between two sides of the panel so that no signal can cross it. These two sides are the control panel of the camera and the security camera itself. By following this trick, you will stop the security camera from notifying or communicating with the Homebase.

You might know about expandable peer-to-peer systems, the best example is Heimvision HM241-4 Wireless Security Camera System. For that, you will create a barrier by a band barrier to stop the security cameras from contracting the Network Video Recorder(NVR).

Remember that, you can not interfere with the wireless signal of a device by another device of the same frequency. For that, you need a stronger device to overpower or block the signal system of the security camera. 

So you have to make sure the at which rate the security camera, you want to block, is communicating. And you need the appropriate or right equipment for jamming this device.

You will see consumer electronics such as TVs, Set-Top Boxes operate or work at 2.4GHz and 433MHz. For that, you may use any interference generator to interfere with this susceptible interference. In your house, you might be using several Radio Frequency devices, such as car remote controls, light dimmers, two-way radios, and garage door openers.

So, you need to choose a good device that has a higher frequency that will work as a barrier to the signals of a security camera. Then the Homebase or NRV control panel will not detect the security camera. 

Remember that again, if the transmission band of the interference jammer or generator is weak, then the wireless security camera will function as it functions. And, if you want to jam the best outdoor security cameras of the market, you need a really powerful device to block the radio signals.

De-authentication Attack

Firstly, I want to clarify that this method of jamming the security camera will not work if the system of the security camera is of a point-to-point connection. By de-authentication attack, you will disconnect the communication between the connected devices and the wireless router.

You might know about a Software Bug, which is a fault, flaw, or error in the software of a computer that leads it to an unexpected and incorrect result. Though this method drives it to software bugs, it is a “protocol of the internet”. 

Which disengages the router with connected devices. You will see this is happening in daily life such as the devices are, which are not authorized, stealing WiFi. And this is how you can block your neighbor’s security camera. Therefore, pick the right method to jam the wireless security camera out of three.

Can Security Camera Be Jammed Or Is It Illegal?

Can Security Camera Be Jammed Or Is It Illegal
Can Security Camera Be Jammed Or Is It Illegal

It is a very serious task to jam any security camera. Because security cameras are set up for monitoring a certain area with the legitimacy of federal or governmental laws. And jamming this security camera means violating the security system of this area. None can do this except the people of criminal minds.

No devices for jamming security cameras are allowed in the United States, regardless of the intention. However, this law will not apply to those agencies that can do it under applicable law.

If you want to know why it is prohibited then it is very simple to understand. Jamming Wireless Security Cameras may also affect radio signals, GPS, police radar, or other essential wireless devices. Even a simple handheld radio might be dangerous in case it uses a frequency level that is similar to your CCTV.

Remember, if you get the best outdoor ptz security camera, you can easily avoid any issues like this.


In this article, I have discussed how to jam the wireless security camera. And I have explained three distinctive methods to jam a wireless security camera and other related issues like the legality of jamming a security camera.

In the last lines of this article, I want to suggest that jamming a security camera, in any case, is not permissible and you might face trouble doing this. But if you feel that the security camera of your neighbor is violating your privacy or the privacy of your property then you can do this or doing this thing might be reasonable. 

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