How Wide is a Front Door | Know the Details About Front Doors

by Vincent Foster

If you are making your home or are just making some change in your house front part, you might be concerned about your front door. At this age, you cannot really tell that there is an average dimension of a door.

The designs are changing every day, and people are coming up with new trends. As a result, you can always have whatever size you like when it comes to the front door of your house.

But if you want to buy a door from the store, you might want to know the standard measurement. How wide is a front door? Today, we will talk about the ins and outs of the entry door!

How Wide Is A Front Door Learn Detailed About Front Doors
How Wide Is A Front Door Learn Detailed About Front Doors

The Idea of Standard Entry Door

Standard Entry Front Door
Standard Entry Front Door

As we told you, there is nothing called STANDARD if you want to design it in your own manner. However, there are always standard sizes of doors, as at times, you just buy a front door from the shop to fit your front door frame.

So, how wide is a front door entirely depends on the frame of the door. In this case, if you are living in an American house, the most common size of the front door is 80 inches tall and 36 inches wide.

The thickness, however, varies a lot when you are deciding on things like doors. In most cases, the thickness is more or less 2 inches. But if you think that every door you get in the shop is the same, you are in the wrong. Some doors are 96-98 inches tall in size. The width of it can be as narrow as 30-40 inches too!

On the contrary, the thickness completely depends on you! So, my friend, things are not so easy as you think, and doors will never bind you from being innovative! If you are up for stick exterior doors, you can completely rely on the 30 by 32 inches doors.

There are manufactures also manufacture doors that have 7 feet or 8 feet in height. Their widths are about 24 inches to 42 inches. But the case is completely different for the fiberglass front doors.

These have 6 feet and 8 inches wide body with a length of 8 feet. The same goes for the steel front doors of the modern houses. The width in these sectors is about 1⅓ inches.

Single Doors Vs Double Doors

When it comes to the entry doors, there are two different types of doors available in terms of the number of doors. If you ask how wide is a standard front door, then this varies from a single door to a double door.

There are single doors available as entry doors. And, on the contrary, there are also double-doors. You can match the sidelights and transoms with the gates too! When you change the single door into a double door, indeed, the door’s size will be changed.

French Doors Vs Sliding Doors

French Door Vs Sliding Door
French Door Vs Sliding Door

The dimensions we have mentioned above are basically for the french doors of a residential door. In most cases, the french doors of a house are about 6 feet 8 inches in height, and the width is about 3 feet 96 inches.

However, in some cases, it can be 8 feet too, keeping the door frame and the front area’s size in mind. In the new homes of these days, the standard dimension is 8 feet.

But here’s the thing you might not like the french doors anymore because these days, there is a trend going on for the sliding doors. People are loving them and accepting them with pride. You have to understand that the sliding doors are usually made of glass.

The best part of these doors is they can get in a lot of light inside your house, and the natural light will help your house glow! As these are very common in these times, you might find them an inexpensive option as a front door for your house.

Sliding glass doors will slide in a parallel motion. And as a result, it is easy for any homeowner to get in and get out of the house without much effort. In any patio area, these patio doors will rock!

On the contrary, you can settle for them when you are constructing a door for the deck. But in this case, always remember the standard size of the door. The most popular size for the sliding glass patio door is 6.8 feet height and 6 feet width.

But you do not need to design the door only in such a manner. You can settle for another common size with a width of 8 feet and a height of 5 feet. There are also sliding doors of 6 feet by 8 feet in height and width.

If you want it to be large and visible to make your front area more sophisticated, you can go big! You can make the sliding door 8 feet both in length and width. Yes, that will surely make the door the center of attraction of your house! But, according to us, french doors can be the best front doors for security.

The Frame and the Door

The Frame And The Door
The Frame And The Door

As we have already mentioned, the entry gate’s standard or average dimension is 36 inches by 80 inches. Here, you have to keep in mind that we are talking about the door only. You do not need to add the door frame with it.

The door frame is measured separately. So, the 36×80 inches is the dimension of the front door panel of your house. The frame will extend beyond this dimension. It will be added to the rough opening of the building.

If you want to know about the rough opening, we will talk about it too. However, the rough opening we are mentioning here is the best for 36 x 80 inches doors. In this situation, the door’s rough opening will be ⅜ inches taller than the door frame.

Also, it will be ¾ inches wider than the actual door frame.  When adding the standard door to the frame, you have to check the exterior siding too. It must be about ¼ inches taller and ½ inches wider than the door installation fin.

Note: When measuring the door width, you have to keep in mind that in this case, you have to measure the outermost edges of the jamb installation fin. On the contrary, in terms of calculating the door’s height, you have to go for the outermost edge of the head fin to the front door frame sill!

The Perfect Measurement

Measuring the front door is always complicated because people are not too familiar with these measurements. If you are new in designing or renovating your front door, you might need to know the proper tactics.

Before everything, you have to check the existing door and measure it accurately. You have to start from the left side and go all the way to the right. Not only the width is important, but the thickness is also vital here. Most of the front gates are usually 1¾ inches in thickness; however, your door can vary too.

After noting down the previous door measurements, you have to take the measurements of the door jamb and the height and width of the frame. Now, add 2 inches to the height and another 2 inches with the rough-in measurement width.

There will be some differences between the door and the frame too. No matter what door stopper types you use, you can add them here. You can then show it to the shop owners, and they will provide you the perfect door, or you can do it yourself!

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Wrap Up

Now, you will never ask how wide a front door is because you already know it! All you need to do is double-check the measurements and then go for the right door you always have eyes for!

Don’t forget to mention how you take the measurement of your front door and how do you install it! Share with us in the comment section!

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