The Ultimate Guide on How To Fix A Door Knob Yourself

by Vincent Foster

The Ultimate Guide How To Fix A Door Knob
The Ultimate Guide How To Fix A Door Knob

A doorknob needs to keep on working flawlessly for you all the time. It is probably in use multiple times a day depending on where the door is located. No matter if we are talking about an external or internal door’s knob, the thing being stuck or jammed or facing any other problem is probably not good news.

Let’s figure out some of the common problems as well as how to fix a doorknob facing those troubles.

Know About How To Fix a Door Knob Depending on Various Problems

The doorknob is facing some sort of trouble and depending on what exactly the issue is, you need to think about a solution. So, the fair play here is to talk about some of the common doorknob issues along with the potential solutions. Let’s go for it!

The Basic Fix

The Basic Fix Of Door Knob
The Basic Fix Of Door Knob

Usually, the most common trouble that people face with doorknobs is due to a change in temperatures and humidity. These problems may seem to go and come back with changing conditions. It can also be due to wear and tear inside.

The latch can fail to retract when you try to turn a knob or simply does not return after release. With a tricky knob mechanism, opening a door will be problematic. Fixing this trouble is very easy through lubrication. But in some cases, you may need to go for a replacement.

To jar lose the part that might be stuck, try jiggling the doorknob first. If the problem is its springs that are improperly engaging, then this can help to fix things. Also, this can help with the latch failing to retract or extend.

You want to spray some lubricant on the mechanism. Then let the knob turn a few times. This will let the lubricant to spread nicely. Have an eye on the sides of this mechanism. There could be rust that is causing trouble. If that’s the case then use a wire brush to gently scrub those off. Apply a good layer of spray lubricant after scrubbing.

Some people may wonder at this point, what if the doorknob does not turn at all. So, here’s a quick tip on how to fix a doorknob that won’t turn. If the latch is able to retract but there’s no turning of the doorknob, chances of misalignment are high. It can also be because of the latch getting caught on something. You want to use a flat screwdriver to fix this. Simply place this tool just above the latch. And then bring a hammer to gently tap over it. Do the exact same thing for the latch’s underside as well. And this should free the latch hopefully.

It’s best to go for a complete inspection of doorknob assembly if possible. Get the screws out from the plate and remove the knob from the door. See if you can find any reason for obstruction or break inside the mechanism. Use a needle nose plier to get the obstruction out carefully. And if you find out that the reason is actually a broken doorknob, go for a replacement.

If the Doorknob is Loose

Fix A Loose Doorknob
Fix A Loose Doorknob

Now sometimes the problem is a loose doorknob or door handle. Fortunately fixing this issue is fairly simple and needs you to look into what type of doorknob you’re using. Here’s how you can fix it.

First, you need to remove screws to bring the knob or handle out. There can be two types of screws in different knobs. If the knob uses exposed screws, you’ll need to look for a set screw. It should be located inside of the door. Use a screwdriver or Allen key to simply loosen the screw. Then take the handle out and you should be able to see the shaft. If the shaft is threaded, twist the handle of it and flush with the door.

You’ll need to provide a tiny space for the spinning of the doorknob while backing it upward. Tighten the set screw next after getting the knob out. In case of an unthreaded shaft, you can set the knob back on it before tightening the set screw.

If there are hidden screws, then you need to find out the detent access hole. Detent basically is a spring-activated pin. It sticks out from this tiny hole in the knob. And helps to prevent any rotation. Use a flathead screwdriver to press down the pin. Then you can remove the handle from the spindle shaft carefully.

Then you need to get the base out as well. You need to pry the ring loose very gradually here. Use a flathead screwdriver to do so. Be very cautious here since it can be harmful to door knobs with locks if not done properly.

After the removal of the ring, the set of screws should be visible. These basically go through the door from one backing plate to another, which are both located on inside and outside. Hold the outside backing plate and prevent it from moving. Now you want to tighten every screw separately.

And then you can get the ring back on the backing plate. Simply let the handle go back to the spindle shaft as well. Finally, line holes up along with detent by turning the handle. If this still can’t fix your loose doorknob, then you need to contact a professional locksmith.

If the Button of Door Knob Lock is Stuck

Fix Stuck Door Knob
Fix Stuck Door Knob

Sometimes the doorknob lock button gets stuck. And in this case, it’s a pretty simple problem to solve. Before you think to pick a lock for doorknob, try something basic.

Push the lock button and hold it in. Now release the button in a certain manner. You need to slide your fingers over the button. This is to apply similar pressure to the whole button. This pressure will help in maintaining up until the button decides to release. If it still seems same, then depress the button fast and continuously.

You can also try turning the handle while pressing button in experimenting ways mentioned above. Try to turn the knob applying a jiggling pressure. Don’t be extremely forceful though. These ways work for buttons that are stuck in.

If the button is stuck out and restricted to go in, then try jiggling while pressing it. So that the jammed parts are shaken together. The doorknob should be working by now. In case it’s still showing trouble, the best bet is to call a locksmith.

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And that were some solutions on how to fix a door knob facing various troubles. Take your time to identify the actual reason for the issue. Sometimes identifying the trouble becomes very hard and that’s why you decide to give up on it. However, it’s still best to go for a replacement if the doorknob is very old and quite obvious to stop working because of that. A locksmith should be your ultimate savior if absolutely nothing works.

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