Video Doorbell vs Security Camera | Which One is Best?

by Vincent Foster

Nowadays, securing the house or the office room is one of the prime concerns of the owners. There are security cameras to safeguard you. Along with this, people are raving about the Video Doorbell as a safety protocol these days too!

Have you ever thought of which one to go for? What do you prefer- a security camera or a Video Doorbell! And so, we are here to discuss the fight between Video Doorbell vs Security Camera?

Let us know which one wins the battle and make a space at the front door of your house! Have a look at these!

Video Doorbell Vs Security Camera | Which One Is Better
Video Doorbell Vs Security Camera | Which One Is Better

Video Doorbell vs Security Camera: The War

We will discuss all the positive and negative features of both the wireless doorbell with camera and the Security Camera. The rest is up to you!


The coverage of the security camera is a necessary thing you need to keep in mind when you are setting for the security of your house or the office. In short, the Video Doorbell is a security camera added with the doorbell. If the factor is the coverage area, we will suggest you settle for a security camera.

These can be positioned anywhere you want! And with these, you can monitor both the outdoor and the indoor! Along with this, you get mounts and housing so that you can safeguard the security cameras.

On the other hand, if you are planning to hide the camera, you can get your hands on this set. On the other end, a video doorbell won’t provide you higher coverage than the security camera. Also, you cannot set it anywhere you want.


If you are new to cameras, this can be quite difficult for you to understand how you need to operate the devices. More than that, security cameras have so many complications when it comes to dealing with the newbie. But the Video Doorbell is incredible in this sector. Even for beginners, it is easy to understand. You can operate the Video Doorbell without any prior experience.

Security cameras require a lot of equipment to work. Even if you pick up a small security camera for home, the system is very complex. As there is a lot of equipment working together, it might get complicated for you to understand how it operated.

But video Doorbells are amazingly independent. So, you will not require additional equipment for running this one! The UI design is intuitive and specially designed for beginners. So, maintaining it won’t be tough anymore!

Video Performance

The quality of the video is a necessary factor if you are planning to secure your house with a Video Doorbell or a security camera. When you get your hands on a surveillance camera, you will undoubtedly get better resolution imaged. Along with this, the IR capabilities added to this are improved too.

So, you can use the footage that you have captured by the security cameras as these have high resolution. Along with this, the camera is resistant to vandals! But if you settle for a Video Doorbell, you won’t be getting high-resolution images or videos.


Along with the quality of the video, the view of the camera is necessary too. With the Video Doorbell cameras, you will get a wide-angle lens. As a result, you get to see a wide field before the camera! So, it gets easier for you to understand who is approaching the door.

And if you have this benefit, you can easily identify who the individual is and how to deal with them. But keep in mind that there are wide-angle distortions too! When the video gets closer, the device distorts the image. The wide-angle lens is made so that you can see every detail.


To know which one to pick, you must learn the difference between Video Doorbell vs. security camera applications. Whenever the matter of a security camera comes in, it will win the race of the application. Yes, you can get a security camera and add it wherever you want.

Along with these, there are hidden camera options for you too! But if you pick up the Video Doorbell camera, the only application of this one will be before your home’s door.

It provides you fixed field of view. As this is designed for one specific application, it is one of the best among the others. But when you deal with the varieties of the application, a security camera wins!

Motion Detection

The motion detection recording is a complimentary facility that the Video Doorbell companies have added to their products. When there is any motion before such cameras, these will start broadcasting the videos and images of the motion.

Along with this, if somebody is before your gate is ringing the bell, the motion detection power of the video doorbell will turn on to show you who they are! This facility is not included in the security cameras.

However, the security cameras also have the feature of integrating with smartphones, tabs, and other devices of such kind. So, you get to benefit from both of them!


As you will go through the videos, you might require keeping one. In this case, Video Doorbells are quite complicated to understand. They have their app and they require a subscription to see the already-watched videos.

But this is not the case with the security camera. You do not need to buy any other application for running the security camera. The Video Doorbell will only start working when there are motions or somebody rings the bell.

But the security camera requires capturing continuously. And for this, such cameras include more data storage resources. Along with this, it includes several storage options too. Apart from this, you are free to capture videos and store than from more than one camera! There are also options for increasing or reducing the storage size if you are with a security camera.


In terms of price, the Video Doorbell wins the bet. If you want to buy a complete security camera setup, it will cost you a lot. If you want the benefits and you want to invest, you can go for it. But compared to this, the Video Doorbell cameras are better if you are adding the camera at the front door of your house.

On the opposite side, the affordability of the Video Doorbell mesmerized us. Added to that, installing this setup is quite easy. These are cheap and so, people buy them for door security. Yes, the security cameras are high-end but if you plan to settle for the basic start-up system, it will cost a bit low!

Wrap Up

It is not easy to decide between a Video Doorbell and a Security Camera when you are planning to secure your house. We won’t be recommending one because our preferences may vary! So, you have to be slightly patient and check out every positive and negative aspect we have mentioned here for each of the products.

And then, you can pick up one without any doubt! The only thing we suggest is to think about your safety first and choose accordingly!

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